Flamethrowers with Charlie Hobson

WATCH: Introduction to Military Flamethrowers

Learn everything you need to know about the military flamethrowers in this video with Ian McCollum and flamethrower specialist Charlie Hobson. Flamethrowers are a significant piece of military weapons history which are very widely misunderstood, as flamethrowers have never been the subject of nearly as much collector interest as other types of small arms. The …

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fairbairn-sykes fighting knife

The Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife

Perhaps nothing better symbolizes the difference between conventional and Special Operations units than that most personal of weapons, the knife. Reflecting a dual-purpose need, the conventional force standard issue knife is designated “fighting/utility” and is most famously exemplified by the Ka-Bar. While Special Operations units also carry the Ka-Bar, the knife that epitomizes them and their mission — to …

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