World War II

Two Best World War II Book-Buys for Christmas and the New Year

Once Unheralded McFarland & Company Now ALeading Military Publishing In America Reviewed by Don DeNevi World over, no matter who writes them, precise, truthful, passionate, and compassionate books of war are rare. In America today, of the dozens of publishers who feature them, less than a handful have been able to emerge from the shadows …

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Being There

Being there, fighting alongside the Polish people – Eye-witnessing World War II History In Words and With Photographs By Don DeNevi For readers who revere enduring World War II literature as much as this Argunner reviewer,      a series of features recommending newly published books focusing upon events long forgotten. neglected, or still cloaked in mystery …

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Review: Bailout over North Africa

Publisher’s Summary: Anyone interested in WWII Airborne Operations will want to read this book. The fact that William Yarborough wrote it should sell it alone. He was one of the founding fathers of the U.S. Airborne and Special Forces and he was there from the very beginning. Not many people know about the 509th Parachute …

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Warship Builders and the Liberty Factory

Warship Builders – An Industrial History of U.S. Naval Ship Building, 1922-1945, by Thomas Heinrich (Naval Institute Press, 2021, 346pp, $29). Liberty Factory – The Untold Story of Henry Kaiser’s Oregon Shipyards, By by Peter J Marsh (Seaforth Publishing, 2021, 256PP, $40). Reviews by Don DeNevi Publisher’s Summary: Warship Builders is the first scholarly study …

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British Special Forces in WWII

The LRP/LRDG was created by Major Ralph A. Bagnold, a British Army Officer who spent the better part of a decade exploring the Libyan Desert before the outbreak of

hostilities in World War II. Based on his experiences as a peacetime explorer, Bagnold

envisioned the need for the British Army to deploy a motorized reconnaissance force, to

patrol the Libyan Desert in any future conflict that took place in the Middle East. In

many respects, Bagnold’s plan revitalized a concept that was effectively used in World

War I, when the British Light Car Patrols protected the Egyptian frontier from the

Turkish and German backed Senussi in the Western Desert.