Ben Powers

Ben Powers resides in TX with his wife KC and four children Arthur, Michaela, Emma and Jordan. He retired from the United States Army in 2016, after 24 years of service. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Boston University and a Master of Arts in Military Studies, with a concentration in Strategic Leadership from American Military University. Ben is a life member of the 82nd Airborne Division Association, and is active in supporting American battlefield preservation efforts.

United States Army Depot Brigades in World War 1 by author Alexander Barnes and Peter L. Belmonte

Barnes and Belmonte conduct a deep dive of a rarely examined aspect of the United States Army in World War One. The American Expeditionary Force in France is what comes to mind for most history fans when they think of the American contribution to allied victory. This analysis shows how America organized, trained, and equipped troops for overseas service.