REVIEW: Buck Banderas, U.S. Marshal

Buck Banderas, U.S. Marshal, by Nick Jacobellis showcases the author’s depth of experience with federal law enforcement as well as his creativity and skill as a writer. The end result delivers the reader a fast-paced and realistic adventure story.

Jacobellis immediately throws his audience into the action with a multi-agency police operation and the pace never slows throughout the remainder of the book. His knowledge of police procedure, survival skills and tactics comes through on every page. Jacobellis illustrates the motivations of his characters through their actions, rather than indulging in lengthy background descriptions. This style keeps the pace flowing throughout the novel.

It is apparent that the author put forth a great deal of effort to research the book and he puts that research to good use. Jacobellis describes weapons and equipment without lacing the text with technical jargon, contributing to the story’s authenticity. Fans of police procedurals, and general readers who enjoy action alike will definitely enjoy his work.