Cambridge Spies

Cambridge Spies (2003)

TITLE: Cambridge Spies

Drama tracing the tale of the most infamous double agents in British history. It’s the true story of a group of Cambridge University Students who are recruited to spy for the Soviet Union in the early 1930s. The group was known as the Cambridge Spy Rin, Cambridge Four, Cambridge Five and Magnificent Five.

EPISODES: Cambridge Spies

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Episode 1

At Cambridge in the 1930s, don Anthony Blunt and student Guy Burgess recruit fellow students Kim Philby and Donald Maclean to fight fascism by spying for Soviet Russia.

Episode 2

The group go underground as part of the British establishment: Blunt is close to the royal family, Maclean joins the Foreign Office, Burgess is in MI5 and Philby is a journalist.

Episode 3

Chronocling the story of the most infamous double agents in British history. Anthony Blunt is sent to Germany to retrieve sensitive documents

Episode 4

During the Cold War, Maclean is passing atomic energy information to his Soviet contact. Burgess becoming increasingly self-destructive.[/junkie-toggle]

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DETAILS: Cambridge Spies
Title Cambridge Spies
Country USA
Director UK
Cast Tom Hollander, Toby Stephens, Rupert Penry-Jones
Language English
English Subtitles
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