Compilation of Incredible Videos from Unearthed German WWII Tanks

Below you will find a compilation of hand picked incredible videos from German World War II tanks which were unearthed in various countries of the formerly known Soviet Union, Poland and one in Germany. Many of these tanks are almost in perfect condition and some of them even started without too much of a problem after cleaning them up.

As is the case with alot of things buried in a swamp, the anaerobic aptmosphere preserves organic and ferrous materials pretty good. Although, when surfaced without proper attention and preservation, degradation often occurs rather rapidly.

Sturmgeschütz III (StuG III)

Incredible and rare video of a German Sturmgeschütz III (StuG III) Ausführung F, assault gun, being unearthed in Russia. This StuG III was used in battle on the Russian front likely during the winter campaign as the paint job suggest which still is in remarkable condition.  The second video is from the same StuG III and is incorrectly described as StuG IV.

Sadly, according to the information available, this rare StuG III was left outside for a long period of time and rusted away. At the same time it was left outside the inside was scrapped for metal salvage and was vandalized. It’s sad that it didn’t go to a museum or an attempt was made to restore and, or preserve it.

Old, unclear footage from a Sturmgeschütz III recovery. Apparently, this StuG III currently resides in Bad Oeynhausen: Motor Technica Museum.

Although this Sturmgeschütz III still lies on the bottom of a lake somewhere in Germany after falling through the ice, I still wanted to share this video. Footage could’ve been better but there’s still enough to see.

Sturmgeschütz IV (StuG IV)

Recovery of a Sturmgeschütz IV chassis and turrent in Grzegorzeg, Poland in 2006 and 2008. According to available information. This same StuG is now in driving condition, see the video below, which is the same StuG after restoration:

Jagdpanzer 38 (t)

Amazing footage from a German Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer, tank destroyer, being recovered from the Baltic Sea. Even after more than 60 years in the water, the wheels are still turning. Currently no more information is available on what happened to this Jagdpanzer.

Panzer III

Panzer III Ausf. H which was pulled out from a river in 1996. Currently no more information is available.

T-34 (Beutepanzer)

T-34 pulled out of a swamp in Eastern Estonia. This T-34 was captured by the Germans (Beatepanzer) and marked as their own. This one was either stuck during battle or ditched during retreat in order for it not to fall back into the Russian enemies hands.

This T-34 has been restored and on display in Narwa. The tank is fully running again without using any spare parts!

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