Daring World War II Raids and Their Movies

We’ve created a list in order of a timeline, listing the daring raids which were executed during World War 2 and their war movie or serie counter-part. Click on the movie to learn more about that particular war movie or serie.


October, 1939: Attack on Scapa Flow

November, 1940: Operation Judgement – Raid on Taranto

March, 1941: Raid on Souda Bay, crete island

November, 1941: Operation Flipper – Raid to Kill Rommel

In November 1941, the No. 11 British (Scottish) commando, under command of Col. Robert Laycock, undertook a raid referred to as Operation Flipper. The operation included, among its objectives, an attack on the headquarters of Erwin Rommel, the commander of the Afrika Korps in North Africa.

Operation Flipper originally had four goals: 1. To kill Rommel at his headquarters in Sidi Rafa; 2. To destroy the nearby Italian headquarters and its communications network; 3. To sabotage the Italian Intelligence Office in Appolonia and the communications network between Faidia and Lamdula; and 4. To conduct general sabotage actions elsewhere in the Axis forces’ rear.

The mission was a failure. Only three German supply colonels and a soldier were killed at the villa. And only a fuel supply depot was destroyed. After 37 days avoiding Axis patrols, Col. Layton and Sgt. Jack Terry reached British lines. They were the only ones; everyone else was either captured or killed.

December, 1941: Raid on Alexandria

February 1942: Operation Biting – British Commandos Raid on coastal radar installation

  • Age of Heroes (2011)

March, 1942: Operation Chariot – Saint Nazaire Raid

  • Glory at Sea a.k.a. Gift Horse (1952)
  • Attack on the Iron Coast (1968)

April, 1942: The Doolittle Raid a.k.a. Tokyo Raid

  • Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo (1944)
  • Pearl Harbor (2001)

August, 1942: Operation Jubilee – Raid on Dieppe

  • Dieppe (Mini-series) (1993)

September, 1942: Operation Agreement – Long Range Desert Patrol’s Raids

  • Sea of Sand a.k.a. Desert Patrol (1958)

October, 1942: Operation Grouse – Raid on Telemark

  • Ni liv (1957)

December, 1942: Operation Frankton – Raid on Bordeaux harbour

  • The Cockleshell Heroes (1954)

February, 1943: Operation Gunnerside – Raid on Telemark

  • Kampen om tungtvannet also known as Operation Swallow: The Battle for Heavy Water (1948)
  • The Heroes of Telemark (1965)

March, 1943: Operation Creek – Calcutta Light Horse’s Raid on Goa

  • The Sea Wolves (1980)

April, 1943: Operation Vengeance – Raid to Kill Yamamoto

  • Rengô Kantai Shirei Chōkan: Yamamoto Isoroku also known as Admiral Yamamoto (1968)
  • Rengō Kantai Shirei Chōkan: Yamamoto Isoroku also known as Isidoru Yamamoto, the C-in-C of the Combined Fleet (2011)

May, 1943: Operation Chastise – Attack on German Dams in france

  • The Dam Busters (1955)
  • Dambusters (2003)

September, 1943: Operation Eiche – Gran Sasso Raid to Rescue Mussolini

  • Mussolini: The Untold Story (Mini-series) (1985)

September, 1943: Operation Source – Raid on the Tirpitz

  • Above Us the Waves (1955)

September, 1943: Operation Jaywick – Raid on Singapore Harbour

  • The Heroes (same as The Highest Honour a.k.a. Heroes of the Krait from 1982) (TV Movie) (1988)

February – May, 1944: Kidnap of Heinrich Kreipe

  •  I’ll Met by Moonlight also known as Night Ambush (1957)

July, 1944: Operation Foxley – Failed Attempt to Kill Hitler

  •  Killing Hitler (2003)

October, 1944: Operation Rimau – Raid on Singapore Harbour

  • Heroe II: The Return (1990)

January 1945: Raid at Cabanatuan

  • The Great Raid (2005)