Das Boot (1985)

Das Boot (1985)

TITLE: Das Boot
“Das Boot” is based on the 1973 novel by Lothar-Gunther Buchheim and depicts the story of the German U-96 submarine and its u-boat crew during the early days of World War 2. As the new Lieutenant Werner discovers the life at sea, he discovers the harsh reality of the u-boat crew’s life, to be constantly watching and avoiding enemy ships whilst on a terrifying patrol mission. Das Boot is told from the German perspective, the crew aboard U-96 are portrayed in a hopeless life-and-death struggle coping with endless hours of loneliness and desperation, giving way to terror when confronted by the enemy.

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Episode 1: Operation Atlantik

Autumn 1941. The crew of the U 96 celebrates its last day on land in La Rochelle, France. The exuberance of the men is nothing more than the fear of the next mission, which could be the last. War correspondent Lieutenant Werner does not understand the apparent cheerfulness, as he does not yet know the pitiless harshness of the war in a cramped submarine.

Episode 2: Auf Suchkurs

The U 96 crew has been running on patrol south-west of Ireland for days. Monotony, inactivity, and boredom on board are transformed into aggression. A message about a convoy changes the mood of the crew. The “old man” risks a periscope attack. Surprisingly, a destroyer emerges, which hunts the submarine with depth charges…

Episode 3: Der Erste Angriff

For almost four weeks, the submarine is traveling south-west of Ireland and is held underwater by a destroyer during its first attack on an English convoy. Exploding depth charges hurl the crew and submarine into chaos. But the “old man” succeeds in maneuvering U 96 out of the danger zone. Subsequently, the submarine gets into a storm period lasting more than three weeks.

Episode 4: Himmelfahrtskommando

The U 96 encounters a convoy and sinks three cargo ships with its torpedoes. Then a 24-hour pursuit of the submarine begins with two destroyers dropping depth charges. The “old man” tries to escape in 230 meters of water depth. The end for U 96 seems to have come.

Episode 5: Auf Grund

The U 96 has been dispatched to the Mediterranean. After picking up supplies in the Spanish town of Vigo, the journey to Gibraltar begins. An aviation attack during the nightly crawl and cruising British ships force U 96 to a neck breaking dive – at 280 meters depth the submarine hits the bottom of the ocean.

Episode 6: In Der Heimat

The submarine is heavily damaged, lying on the ocean floor in a depth of 280 meters. Despite the seemingly hopeless situation, the crew starts with repair work and dares an attempt to emerge. After tormented tension the U 96 finally breaks off from the ocean floor.[/junkie-toggle]

IMAGES: Das Boot
Title Das Boot
Country West-Germany, France, Italy, UK
Production Co. Bavaria Film, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana
Creators Wolfgang Petersen
Cast Jürgen Prochnow, Herbert Grönemeyer, Klaus Wennemann
Language German
English Subtitles Yes


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