Die Ritterkreuzträger des Sudetenlandes: 1939-1945 – Teil 1 (eBook)

My first eBook on the Knight’s Cross bearers of Czechoslovakia 1939-1945 – Part I. Their history is for the most part unknown and photo material is hard to be found since most burned their stuff after coming home. Those that survived the war, had to fled to Germany or Austria since they risked being murdered in Czechoslovakia (and some of these RKT where murdered). Part I contains the names ranging from A to K. This eBook contains plenty of unpublished photographs and information. By buying this eBook you’ll also help Argunners Magazine. Price is 10,50 EUR (circa 8.10 British Pound or 11.70 US Dollar).


I have just ordered and obtained a copy of the book from Bart and having just had a quick look through it seems like a very well composed book and one Bart can be proud of. The text is clear and the images are very sharp.

In the way it has been set out reminds me of the Kampfflieger RKT volumes by Axel Urbanke which are very good books. I think such books are very well suited to the PDF/e-Book format because if you need to look up a particular soldier you can just type his name in the ‘Find’ box and it goes straight to where you need to be and with the added bonus that you can enlarge or reduce the size of the page as required to suit individual preference. 

Such a book in the more traditional ‘physical’ style would cost the buyer 6 times as much so this is a real bargain – and you can’t say that about many things in this hobby!

By Kevin H.

On now having had a look through my copy, I have to say that it is money very well spent. Even though I cannot read German fluently, the layout, quality of photographic imagery and overall attention to detail make this a bargain for the price. I particularly enjoyed seeing additional images of T-Div RKT Johann Fiedler, which was a real bonus. For anyone interested in RKT, this is a worthy addition to the research material without a doubt, and I am looking forward to the next volume already.

By Richard

Examples from the eBook:

Book Screenshot 1Book Screenshot 2Book Screenshot 3Book Screenshot 6Book Screenshot 5Book Screenshot 7Book Screenshot 4

Note: This eBook is written in German language! You’ll need a software that is able to read .PDF files.

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