Images released of upcoming TV-Mini Series Das Boot

Two new images were released from the upcoming TV-Mini Series “Das Boot” which will be a sequel to 1981 Wolfgang Petersen’s epic movie “Das Boot” and is set in the fall of 1942, 9 months after the original movie and include two storylines.

The tide is turning against the German war effort after the Allies solve the Enigma code and opposition to the German intensifies. It tells dual stories: there is the journey of the U-boat,  and the story of the Resistance movement in La Rochelle. The series was filmed in German, French and English.

On the first picture (above) are to be seen August Wittgenstein, Rick Okon and Franz Dinda. Other actors will include Ben Münchow and Joachim Foerster. 

Vicky Krieps in the upcoming Das Boot mini-series.
Vicky Krieps in the upcoming Das Boot mini-series.

Lizzie Caplan and Vicky Krieps (seen in picture above) will also be starring in this mini-series. The cast also includes Jonathan Zaccaϊ, Leonard Scheicher, Robert Stadlober, Franz Dinda, and Stefan Konarske. German filmmaker Andreas Prochaska directed, according to Variety.

Budget for the TV Mini-Series is around $33,000,000. According to IMDB, there will be 8 episodes. The mini-series will be in German, French, and English-language and likely be sbown on paycaster Sky in late-2018.

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