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Publisher’s Summary

22 Stunning New Series (20 to 200 books in each) Focusing Upon Rarely Researched World War
II Subjects Serious Readers Should Know About.
Osprey Publishing is a British, Oxford-based, company specializing in military history through
the ages. Known for its popular 22 Warfare Series, with monthly new releases, the World War II
Campaign Series, focusing on individual European battles, is among the choicest. Other
noteworthy WWII series groupings include “Aircraft of the Aces”; “Combat” soldier differences
of opposing armies in the field; “Command”, lives of important generals and admirals; and
“Battle Orders”, organizations of famous military units. All the books are formatted precisely
the same, including use of higher quality paper for brightly colored maps, meticulous drawings
of hand to hand fighting and broad illustrations of battles won and lost, as well as hitherto
unseen black and white photos.

Reviewed by Don DeNevi

More than ever due to the passage of the 75th anniversary of the end of the World War II,
devoted authors and historians, buffs and aficionados, as well as general readers, are calling for
greater clarity and higher resolution of specific conflicts and campaigns, command strategies,
battlefield tactics, unit and personal fighting and survival experiences. A few years ago, Osprey
decided to meet such requests by searching for then introducing the best illustrators and
writers available.

Despite publishing trends in Britain and the U.S. for clearer WWII perspectives, no single
source, book, audio, or documentary can, or will ever, delineate the full cataclysmic nightmare
of it. Involving the world that lasted six years, it resulted in horrendous conflicts in that caused
the greatest destruction and most deaths and sufferings yet recorded in human history. Now,
military enthusiasts can have clearer perspectives via inexpensive 7 ½”x10”, 100 page, soft
covers so professionally narrated that they will believe, as this reviewer does, the incontestable
knowledge and erudition of each must be part and parcel of his own library.
Take for example the recent publications of Robert Forczyk’s “Stalingrad 1942-41, No. 1, TheGerman Advance to the Volga”, Spring, 2021, $24. Sifting through thousands of Soviet documents, and assembling unpublished Soviet photos, the retired Lieutenant Colonel of the
US Army Reserves, promises two additional titles after this first of his Stalingrad trilogy. The
remaining two volumes, after the German advance to the Volga, will dissect the entire epic
battle, placing the reader in positions to eyewitness the land and air operations between June
and September, 1942.

About the publisher www.ospreypublishing.com

Other July published titles include, “Combat, Eastern Front, 1941: Hungarian Soldier vs. the
Soviet Solider”, P. Mujzer; “Campaign: The Balkans, 1940-41, Blitzkrieg Yugoslavia and Greece”,
P. Battistelli;, “Ju 87 Stuka vs. Royal Navy Carriers, Mediterranean”, R. Forsyth.

Readability – – 5 stars
Historical accuracy – – 5 stars
Details – – 5 stars
Overall ratings – – 5 stars
Overall % rating – 5 stars

To find out more about the other Series and their titles, visit www.ospreypublishing.com.

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