REVIEW: Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf.B by Alexander Volgin

Tiger Ausf. B included all pros and cons of the German tank construction design. Ideas implicated in the Tiger Ausf. B were based on the previous designs and they omited excesses and disadvantages of earlier vehicles.

This is the tank that allows to evaluate what the German tank industry has achieved and what could have happened in the future developments. This book deals with the background and development of German heavy tank Tiger Ausf. B, production history and constructional features, as well as evaluation of the captured vehicles by the Red Army during the field tests.

REVIEW: Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. B by Alexander Volgin (2018)

When this book arrived in our mailbox, I couldn’t wait unpacking it. After Combat History of the Panzer-Abteilung 103, Illustrated History of the Sturmgeschütz-Abteilung 202 and Sturmgeschütz III on the Battlefield, we became big fans.

Before I start reviewing this book, know that I myself am not a specialist in tanks nor do I know everything in detail, so I will be giving an overview of this book and what to expect when purchasing it. As this book is filled with tons of information regarding production types, armor, firing trials, tracks and so much more…

This book is an astonishing A4 format, weights almost 1,2 kg, 324 illustrations and has 236 pages filled with extraordinary content related to the Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. B, known as “The King Tiger”, fulfilling the hunger of modellers, restaurators and tank enthusiasts. Alexander Volgin has done a terrific job bringing this well-researched and informative book come to live.

The book is divided in 5 chapters: History of Development, Manufacturing, Tiger Ausf. B Description, Adjustments during the Production and Field Trials, ending with the references that have been used (such as Bovington Tank Museum, CAMD RF, CGAKFFD, NARA, BAMA and others incl. private collections).

About the quality of this book, as always with Peko Books, there’s nothing that can be said negatively. PeKo always uses high-quality printing paper for their books and that’s something I / we like and support since all photographs come to their right, which for modellers and tank enthusiasts is especially welcome.

The book is literally filled with over hundred of b/w photographs, artwork (handful color) and tables to go in full detail on particular parts of the Tiger Ausf. B and its construction, damage and firing trials done for evaluation by Soviet forces, its equipment, production and types, general information and background history and so much more… Using information, photographs and wartime reports found in Russian, German and US archives.

The book is well written and goes into (specific) details (from the smallest part of the Tiger ranging from bolts to shock absorbers, engines and turrets, from assembly until evaluation by enemy forces) very fast and remains this way. Don’t expect to find chapters talking about its battle history or units, this book is all about the Tiger Ausf. B in detail!

The images shown above are the preview images published by PeKo Books, I’ve attached a few more so you can see what more to expect in this book.

You can buy this book – at this moment with a discount, so be fast – for the price of 30 EUR on their  (PeKo Books) website! Or pre-order it on or (available in August). ISBN: 978-615-5583-13-1.