Statues and Plaques stolen from War Memorials in Liège, Belgium

On April 25, 2015, the Belgian Defense and City of Liège held a ceremony to inaugurate a new monument « Aux fusillés de la Chartreuse » at Bastion de la Chartreuse in memory of soldiers from the Intelligence Services during 1914-1918 and Resistance Network “Clarence” during 1940-1945, after the first monument was stolen in May 2011.

Only two days after, on April 27, the new monument was again stolen!

Monument in honor of the executed from Chartreuse (Credits: Commandement Militaire de la Province de LIEGE)

This theft follows up on two more thefts that occurred in the weeks before when two more memorials, the National Resistance Monument and the Monument to the dead, were dishonored and damaged by theft.

On April 30, 2018, two Bronze Plaques in honor of the 15eme Régiment d’Artillerie were also stolen.

It occurs that a group of thieves is actively hunting in Liège to degrade War Memorials for its bronze material. Ultimately at the same time, dishonoring the sacrifices and memories for which these memorials stand. 

The Commandement Militaire de la Province de LIEGE condemns these acts and Lieutenant Colonel Jean-Paul Hames, head of this organization, ordered that the plaque in honor of Walter Déwé will be withdrawn for the purpose of preservation until a solution can be found.

2 thoughts on “Statues and Plaques stolen from War Memorials in Liège, Belgium”

  1. One of the worst types of crimes any decent person can imagine. When the thieves are caught thrash them with a steel whip until cry with pain.

  2. Some years ago the plaques on the graves at the military cemetary of Rabosée (Liege) were also stolen. About 200. The Ministery of defense had them replaced by plexi plaques. Well done .
    I hope if they catch thes B…. they put them in jail for some time.

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