Third Reich

Euthanasia Program

The Nazi Euthanasia Program (Aktion T4)

Before the most gruesome aspects of the Holocaust, Germany began to implement other ways of “cleansing” its population. One of the programs used for such purposes was called Aktion T4 (though the name was introduced at a later date), more commonly known as the Nazi’s euthanasia program. The Merciful Death Though some Germans called the program the …

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Operation Paperclip: Group of 104 German rocket scientists in 1946, including Wernher von Braun, Ludwig Roth and Arthur Rudolph, at Fort Bliss, Texas. The group had been subdivided into two sections: a smaller one at White Sands Proving Grounds for test launches and the larger at Fort Bliss for research. Many had worked to develop the V-2 Rocket at Peenemünde Germany and came to the U.S. after World War II, subsequently working on various rockets including the Explorer 1 Space rocket and the Saturn (rocket) at NASA.

Operation Paperclip: Saving the German Scientists

Operation Paperclip, named after the use of the ordinary paperclip attached to the personnel files of select German scientists, was a special operation of breathtaking scope. Instead of highly trained teams tasked for important combat missions, these teams were hunters and gatherers sifting and searching through the wreckage and ruin of a devastated Germany. Theirs …

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Kevin Wheatcroft – The man who sleeps in Hitler’s bed

When he was five years old, Kevin Wheatcroft received an unusual birthday present from his parents: a bullet-pocked SS stormtrooper’s helmet, lightning bolts on the ear-flaps. He had requested it especially. The next year, at a car auction in Monte Carlo, he asked his multimillionaire father for a Mercedes: the G4 that Hitler rode into …

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Cuffbands of the Feldgendarmerie

FELDGENDARMERIE CUFF TITLES Overview of the various types of cuffband worn by the German Field Police The earliest type is the Polizei pattern machine embroidered rayon yarn or hand embroidered aluminium thread on a brown wool band. Manufactured in the same style as the “Motorisierte Gendarmerie” and “Deutsche Wehrmacht” cuffbands worn by the Police. This type …

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TRAILER: Estonian World War 2 Movie “1944”

A new Estonian WWII Movie called “1944” tells the story about the battles in Estonia during the Second World War. “Unlike most other countries, where single nationality was fighting for one side or faction, Estonian men had to choose between two Nations (fight for Germany or fight for Soviet-Union) in hopes for future re-independence or at …

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