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Ofitserskie zheny

Ofitserskie zheny (2015)

TITLE: Ofitserskie zheny This family saga, spanning several generations of women in the Antonov-Terekhov family from the 1940s through to 2002, tells the story of the everyday lives of military wives set against the backdrop of historical events. The series chronicles key events including the repressive Stalin era, World War II, the Soviet War in …

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Ne Pokiday Menya (2014)

TITLE: Ne pokiday menya To accomplish a particularly important task, the veteran reconnaissance officer Captain Mikhasyov receives a special reconnaissance group of four fighters under his command. Only these fighters are … young girls. These yesterday’s schoolgirls have to penetrate the communications center of the enemy army and paralyze its work, ensuring the success of …

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Krasnaya Kapella (2004)

Krasnaya Kapella (2004)

TITLE: Krasnaya Kapella World War II, Paris. The head of a large trading company with branches throughout Europe is Jean Gilbert (pseudonym of Leopold Trepper) – Scout No. 1, organizer and leader of the Soviet intelligence network in Western Europe during World War II, known as the “Red Chapel”. The unofficial title of Leopold Trepper …

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Konvoy PQ-17 (2004)

TITLE: Konvoy PQ-17 June 27, 1942. From Reykjavik to Arkhangelsk went convoy which has received the code name: PQ-17. The way for the ships with cargoes for Russia laid through northern Atlantic where they were awaited by a chilling wind, storming sea and fatal attacks of German submarines and bombers. But the main threat represented …

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Hunting the Gauleiter also known as Okhota na gaulyaytera (2012)

TITLE: Hunting the Gauleiter Minsk, 1970. A formal meeting takes place to discuss awarding The Young Communist League of the Byelorussian SSR with the special Order. Maria Arkhipova, now an elderly woman, occupies an honourable seat on the panel, young and over-confident Galina Pomazan, whose heroic and impressive wartime record means she has the privilege …

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