Hurricane Polish RAF Fighters

TRAILER: Hurricane (2018) – Movie about the Polish RAF Fighters

Hurricane, David Blair’s newest war movie, will be released on September 7, 2018, in cinema and on digital platforms in the UK. Hurricane, a powerful and gripping World War 2 story about the Polish RAF fighters, is directed by David Blair (known for titles as The Messenger, Away and Accused) and ensembles an impressive cast including Iwan Rheon (Game of Thrones, Marvel’s Inhumans), Milo Gibson (Hacksaw Ridge), Stefanie Martini (Crooked House, Prime Suspect 1973), Krystof Hadek (Under the Skin, Dark Blue World) and Marcin Dorocinski (Pitbull Anthropoid), Filip Plawiak (Aftermath, Demon, The Red Spider) and Adrian Zamba (TV’s Belfer).

This movie will tell the story of the Polish pilots who fought alongside the Royal Air Force in order to take down the German invaders during the Battle of Britain. Eventually becoming one of the most famous squadron in the Royal Air Force. The Polish 303 Squadron was one of 16 Polish squadrons (during the Battle of the Britain they were one of the two Polish fighter squadrons) who fought for the Royal Air Force and had one of the highest ratio of destroyed enemy aircraft vs. their own losses.

Hurricane is seen through the eyes of Jan Zumbach (played by Iwan Rheon), fighter ace and adventurer, it tells how the Poles, driven across Europe by the German war machine, finally made their last stand. Flying Hurricanes for the RAF over Britain, they became a key component in the legend of ‘The Few’.

Did you know? This movie uses one of the last operating Hurricanes in existence during filming.

Courtesy of Kaleidoscope Entertainment and in partnership of Rakuten Cinema. Hurricane will land on September 7th in UK cinemas and on main digital platforms including iTunes, Google Play and Rakuten TV.

You can order the DVD on, released on October 22, 2018.