Bankier van het Verzet 2018

Trailer from new Dutch War Movie: Bankier van het Verzet (2018)

A new World War II movie has been released in the Netherlands and is currently airing in various theaters.

When banker Walraven van Hall is asked during World War II whether he wants to use his financial contacts for the resistance, he does not hesitate for long. Together with his brother, Gijs van Hall, he devised a risky construction to take out large loans with which the resistance can be financed. If that is not enough, the brothers think of the biggest banking fraud in Dutch history: tens of millions of guilders are stolen out of the Dutch Bank under the eye of the occupiers.

But the larger the operation, the more people know about it. Every day the chance increases that someone makes that one mistake that can put an end to the actions and life of the bankers of the resistance.

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