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10mm Ammo – Can It Take Down Bears?

Every seasoned hunter is well aware of the strength of 10mm ammunition. These rounds are primarily used in competition or for hunting, and they are more than capable of taking out a large game in one shot. With one accurate and powerful shot of 10mm through the barrel of your rifle, you could take down a bear.

For hunters in bear country, it’s essential to use powerful ammunition that will kill the animal quickly and humanely. Some hunters worry that the 10mm ammo they use might not be powerful enough to take down such a large target, but there are several reasons why this type of ammo is ideal. Here, we will explain why 10mm ammo is an excellent choice when hunting bears and how to choose the best 10mm rounds for bear country.

10mm VS Other Caliber Ammo

For hunting large game, some calibers are used more commonly than others. One of these is 10mm ammo. Most hunters have never heard of it, and those who have may be skeptical because they think it is too powerful for most dangerous game, like deer and elk.

A .44 magnum revolver may seem more appropriate, but 10mm ammunition can provide accuracy at longer ranges while also delivering enough power to drop a bear or other large animal with the right shot.

This ammo was first created for special operations teams and used by different governments around the world as a way to fight guerrilla warfare in urban areas. Hunters have since adopted it for use on large game, like bear and moose.

10mm VS 9mm

For the most part, the recoil from 10mm ammo is about what you would expect from a handgun that fires 9mm rounds. It’s not going to knock your socks off, but it still has enough force to get your attention when you fire it.

If you’re looking for an effective round to take down big game without having to reload often, consider using 10mm ammo when hunting bears or other large animals on your next trip.

10mm Ammo Types

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Choosing the best type of 10mm ammo depends on your needs. If you want to hunt with 10mm ammo, it is best to go with a lead hollow point cartridge with deep penetration abilities and power. Another common type of 10mm ammo is a full metal jacket (FMJ). Target shooters commonly use FMJ cartridges as they generally provide better accuracy compared to hollow-point rounds.

10mm Advantages

The biggest advantage to 10mm rifles is the kinetic energy the cartridges produce. A typical example is the popular .357 Magnum cartridge, which has less muzzle energy than a .45-70 with a 225-grain bullet.

The big three 10mm magnum rifle rounds are Remington’s 325 grain 10mm Auto, 300 grain .41 Magnum, and 240 grain .44 Magnum. When those bullets hit their targets, it’s like getting hit by a semi-truck and not being able to move or breathe. Their stopping power puts them at the top of the list of rifle calibers; I recommend every hunter have one in their arsenal.

10mm Disadvantages

10mm rounds are big and heavy compared to other rounds, meaning that they are less effective at closer ranges. This ammo is best used from up to 50 meters away. Also, 10mm rounds cause more tissue damage than smaller or lighter bullets, but they also cause heavier recoil, making it hard to re-acquire your target after firing. This makes them ill-suited for self-defense purposes as well as close-range hunting.

Buying 10mm Ammo Online

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10mm ammo is primarily used by hunters and those in the self-defense field, though it has also found its way into many law enforcement agencies. Online sellers have made it easier than ever to buy 10mm ammo online, making it a go-to choice for many hunters looking to save money and find the best deals on bulk purchases.

For the heaviest 10mm round that could be shot out of a pistol, we suggest the Buffalo Bore Ammunition Outdoorsman 10mm. That said, there are still some things you should know before you buy 10mm ammo online, and we always encourage you to do as much research as possible before you finalize your purchase.

10mm Ammo Components

The 10mm round is a popular handgun round because it packs a lot of power and has excellent penetration, making it an effective self-defense round. The 10mm has also become popular among hunters. In fact, 10mm ammo is gaining popularity in many gun circles including those of some big-game hunters.

Effectiveness Against bears

10mm ammo for bears

So, let’s take a look at what makes up a 10mm round and how effective it can be against dangerous game, like a grizzly bear, brown bear, or black bear, whether you’re bear hunting or fending off a bear attack or charging bear.

Some may argue that using any kind of handgun ammunition to hunt grizzlies is overkill, but others feel that handgun hunting offers more control than other types of rifles or shotguns when hunting these massive beasts.

A round that won’t fail you no matter the environment is the Underwood Xtreme PenetratorAmmunition 10mm, it was created to prosper through all weather conditions.

Pairing this product with a revolver or semi-automatic pistol allows you to quickly load rounds before firing off multiple shots at once, meaning you can potentially kill multiple animals with one shot if they happen to come running toward you as you’re aiming your weapon downrange.

With that said, regardless of the specific weapon being used, most would agree that larger calibers are better suited for hunting large game such as grizzlies because they have more stopping power than smaller calibers. If you’re looking to understand a little bit more about the 10mm caliber and its capabilities, check out this video for a complete guide.


10mm ammo is a great choice for hunting large game at a distance. It has some disadvantages compared to other rounds; nevertheless, it’s well-designed when you use it for what it was created for. The best 10mm ammo for bear packs a big punch and will do more than just slow down large game. So, make sure you’re ready to take down your target with 10mm ammo!