A Soldier once…and always

Hal Moore, “Leadership in Action” series from Casemate Publishing

Descriptive events of the life and leadership role of Hal Moore. A lesson learned about the Vietnam War as well as significant events that change military history throughout the years.

Hal Moore grew up in a small town, he kept himself active by taking part in group activities and sports. His passion was always the great outdoors. Right from the start the fundamentals of leadership was already set in stone by structure of his household. There were three tenants: hard work, loyalty to his family and most of all devotion to their faith (Catholic). His father was very strict but loving to his children. Even though, his father did not graduate high school, his father was well-respected within his community and a successful insurance agent. From my personal experience as an insurance agent gaining the respect of the community is a leadership role because you are a public figure, and you must conduct yourself accordingly. Hal’s father, being without formal education and being successful, stands out to me.

During the Great Depression the family managed to sustain themselves. Hal and his family started working part time jobs. There was a presence of teamwork within the household, so I can understand how Hal’s mentality developed at such an early age. Military history was always an interest with Hal. He spent his time at the Bardstown Library reading about historic battlefield commanders and the American Revolution and Civil War. In my opinion, from being in the military, all the outstanding leaders I had the privilege to work for studied the American Revolution and Civil War, military history and their leadership actions shows.

Because of Hal’s excitement with the military his father suggested he should apply to the United States Military Academy at West Point. The adversity that Hal faced to gain admission to the school was not easy. The standards we set very high, there was a lot of adversity that Hal faced during his time gaining acceptance to West Point, he successfully graduated June 5, 1945.

Hal’s life’s story was always involving leadership. what really grabbed my attention was the events in Vietnam (IA Drang). Hal always led from the front in all combat situations for me that’s where the leadership should “lead by example”. There were so many lives sacrificed by the troops and at the end there really was not a hero’s welcome. I have always heard people say that, but not understanding the war. I never experienced the war like I have read in this book. Not just the war alone was the issue during his leadership roles in combat he had a lot of responsibility, gaining the trust of the locals, reimplanting training as well accountability for morals and ethical behavior. After the war you would think that his work is done. His contribution and the method of how he restructured parts of the military is still being used today. I was unaware of how one man’s leadership role can have a lifetime effect. This book has opened my eyes and takes me by the hand and giving me great example on how a true leadership role and his contribution efforts. The sequence of events and the adversity he faced with each position he held, shows how successful he was when in command as well as building relationship within the communities where her served, contributed our military’s history.

The book was written by a veteran that served in the Army, Mike Guardia. He is an internationally recognized author as well as a military historian. Being nominated for the Army Historical Foundation’s Distinguished Book Award, also being a member of the Military Writers Society of America.

CASEMATE is the publishing company founded in 2001 (CASEMATE). The company is a major specialist publisher and book distributor within the North American market. With a subject specialty military history, their distribution operation offers books in many fields and subject areas.


Emmanuel Thorpe, United States Army Veteran, former Regional Director in the insurance industry. Entrepreneurship is his passion (Internet Marketing), in addition to Pyrography.