Sherman Tank for Sale on Ebay

Authentic Sherman Tank from 1943 for sale on ebaY!

There’s an authentic Sherman tank M4A1 for sale on ebaY and if your pockets are deeper than the current bid of $195,000 (although reserve still has not been met), it could be yours. No need asking the wife first, because the auction is still only running for another 1 day and 16 hours until its finished, so don’t wait too long before deciding you could be the next Brad Pitt’s Fury sequel and start bag and tagging some Tiger tanks or nextdoor neighbour’s car.

The M4A1 Sherman tank, G104 G523 G503, was produced in the year 1943 during World War II and has been fully restored. According to the seller, it has received a brand new set of rubber tracks and she is completely ready for display at a museum or to be used for re-enactment or parade purposes.

All photographs below are from the auction and belong to the owner:

Sherman Tank for Sale on Ebay Sherman Tank for Sale on Ebay Sherman Tank for Sale on Ebay Sherman Tank for Sale on Ebay

Presented in the 3rd Armored Division Spearhead. Everything in and on the Sherman is original, with a still excellent running radial engine R975C1. However, the Sherman has been neutralised according to EU regulations.

You can find the Sherman tank auction on ebaY here. UPDATE: This auction seems to be deleted from ebay! However, you should definetely check out these great Sherman tank articles first before leaving:

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