B-17 Nine-o-Nine - Ernest Mac McCauley

B-17 “Nine-o-Nine”: ATC Audio Released from Before and After Crash

LiveATC.com has publicized audio containing communications between the Air Traffic Control and B-17 “Nine-o-Nine” (N93012) prior to the crash. The audio reveals that the crew of B-17 “Nine-o-Nine” (identified as N93012 on the audio) asked for an immediate landing.

Flight records from FlightAware show that 909 had flown about eight miles and reached an altitude of 800 feet before the pilot, Ernest “Mac” McCauley, reported a problem and requested an immediate landing. After the air traffic controller asked why, McCauley said “Number four-engine, we’d like to return and blow it out.

After not gaining altitude and trying to make an emergency landing. B-17 “Nine-o-Nine” lost control upon touching down and struck a shed at a de-icing facility just before 10 a.m. From the 13 people on board, 7 lost their lives and 6 were wounded.

One of the passengers, Robert Riddell, shared an image on his Facebook page: “Taxiing… (not much of a view from the seats)

A video of the B-17’s crash aftermath and names of the victims were released yesterday. Currently, the National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the crash.

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