The Thin Red Line

The Best Films About World War II Ever Existed

It is no news that history is a very crucial part of life. We all know that understanding the past is very important if we must shape the future and make things better than they once were in time past. And, to capture all the different events that happened in history, many works of art have been created by many people who understand the importance of telling history to future generations. And this is also very important if we must continue to reveal the great things that happened in the past, as well as the mistakes that were made in order for us to learn from them and correct the inaccuracies of our present and future life. The world wars are rather important in history. Probably you have been asked to work on British war films by your professor and have already chosen to write on 2nd World War movies, which you really don’t know much about, this article will help you to get started with forming and organizing your thoughts. But to make things much easier for yourself, you can always get coursework help online to help with your essay. Either way, reading this will be significantly helpful if you really want to learn more about the past.

1. Come and See

Come and See was released in the month of July 1985. It is a foreign movie that was adapted from “I Am from The Fiery Village,” a Russian book published in 1978. The director of this action-packed world war II movie is Elem Klimov. The movie was also co-written by Ales Adamovich and Klimov.

Come and See is a typical depiction of the brutality of the world war two told from the perspective of a young boy from Belarus, a region in the then Soviet Union, which was invaded and captured by Nazi Germany. The name of the boy is Flyora. He voluntarily joined the forces of the Belarusian Resistance movement against the warnings of his parents, as well as the village head.

The story runs for 142 minutes, and it revolves around a young boy, making the events in the movie a more vivid depiction of the crime, hostilities and gory damage that characterized the dirty war. It is a projection from a direct participant, and this graphically presents the mental impact the war had on everyone who experienced it one way or another.

Flyora’s romance with another teenage girl, Glasha, also presents the personal and emotional impact it can have on anyone, whether old or young. And, as I said earlier, it is a story told from the perspective of a young boy whose simple mistake shows the great disaster our wrong actions as humans can cause for us as a whole.

2. The Thin Red Line

The Thin Red Line is an American movie that tells the transition of a young soldier from an early age to maturity. It also details how a typical World war II soldier moves from childhood incorruptibility to real-life experience. Terrence Malick is the writer and director of The Thin Red Line. The movie is said to mark the coming back of the film producer to the Hollywood scene, after 20 years of exile. Like, Come and See, it is also an adaptation of Jame’s Jones semi-autobiography, which also has the same title, “The Thin Red Line.”

It is one of the best American war movies ever existed as it describes, in 2 hours, the story a C-for Charlie, a group of men who worked for a company called Army Rifle and also describes the events of the Battle of Mount Austen. Even if you are going to be hiring an expert coursework writing service, or a more general homework assistance service online to help you in writing your coursework essay, you’ll need to watch this movie as it must be included as one of the best world war 2 movies of all time.

The Thin Red Line is a tense movie that clearly captures the suffering, pain, and death was caused, presenting an alternative view of the military and also the politics of the within the military. It presents humanity in chaos and inevitabilities of conflict – how humans can destroy themselves and their surroundings when engaged in the tussle for power and dominance.

3. Casablanca

Casablanca is another of the ever existed 2nd World War movies that you can include in your essay on British war films. Even if you’re getting coursework help from a coursework writing service, you can also ask your hired writer to include this drama.

Casablanca was released in 1942 and was masterfully directed by a popular American movie director of a Hungarian origin, Michael Curtiz. It was also produced by another notable American producer, Harold Brent Wallis, who is widely known for producing this movie. Just like many other similar movies, Casablanca is an adaptation of “Everybody Comes to Risks.” However, it is completely different from the other ones in that it only projects the mass migration and also other corrupt activities that were going on during that time.

It is an engaging anti-romance film that tells the story of an American businessman.


Presently, there are so many world war II films that you can watch. However, you must be sure you have chosen the right one before going ahead to watch. Many great minds have been able to successfully produce gory films – during and after this battle period – that adequately capture and tell the events of this period to those of us in the present generation who were so fortunate not have experienced this momentous event in the history of the universe. The ones that vividly capture the conflict, violence, death, and evil that occurred between the year 1939 to 1945 are the best. And these are some the ones we have been able to examine in this article.