Bois Jacques Monument vandalized for the 4th time!

Vandals have vandalized the Battle of the Bulge monument in Bois Jacques past week-end in the night of Saturday on Sunday. It’s sadly the fourth time (!) vandals have struck the memorial since it was inaugurated in Jacques Wood (Bois Jacques) on May 29, 2015 in the presence of U.S. Ambassador Denise Campbell Bauer to commemorate the U.S. soldiers that fought and died here.

The monument was created by Mr. Robert Remacle, who also created the Eagle Monument for the 101st Airborne Division near Mémorial du Mardasson and the new monument in Noville. Tour Guide and Specialist in the Battle of the Bulge, Reg Jans, said “the offenders probably used the beams from the wooden fence nearby to damage the monument.”

To Those Interested: This upcoming week-end the Battle of the Bulge will be commemorated. Feel free to show your expression of support to all World War II veterans by leaving a letter(s) behind at the Bois Jacques Monument.

More on the Commemoration Weekend: The traditional wreath laying will occur on Saturday and the Parade on Sunday. The Bastogne Barracks will be open. Finally, on Saturday Dec. 12, a special commemoration will be held at 0800 AM at the 501 PIR Monument on the inner court of the Seminary for the 13 U.S. Soldiers (Demolition Platoon, Reg HQ 501 PIR, 101st ABN) that died by a truck explosion on Jan. 5, 1945.

Bois Jacques Monument Vandalized
The undamaged Bois Jacques monument, which has been vandalized already 4 times! (Credits: Reg Jans)
How the Bois Jacques monument looks now.. (Credits: Reg Jans)
How the Bois Jacques monument looks after vandals struck the monument. (Credits: Reg Jans)

Mr. Robert Remacle said that he most likely will not restore the monument again since it has been vandalized four times already on such a short time.