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Booking Health GmbH is an international online portal for booking examination and treatment in the best hospitals abroad. On the Booking Health website, a patient can independently study information on certificates and achievements of medical institutions, qualifications of doctors, and unique methods of treatment and rehabilitation. After choosing a clinic, you can book convenient appointment date online.

If it is difficult for you to make a choice among several high-level medical institutions, you may seek advice from Booking Health specialists. To do this, you should send a request with contact details and basic medical information via a special web-form on the site.

Each request is reviewed by doctors and medical coordinators. After investigating the medical information provided, a doctor will help you decide on the clinic or the preferred method of treatment. After that a medical coordinator will guide you through preparing for the trip.

Medical tourism is a new word is healthcare

Medical tourism is a trip abroad to receive medical services in a foreign clinic. Patients use opportunities of medical tourism in different situations:

  • Reliable diagnosis in difficult clinical cases
  • Treatment with innovative drugs that are not available in the home country (for example, CAR T-cell therapy in treatment of cancer)
  • Performing minimally invasive surgical procedures (e.g., robotic surgery or radiosurgery)
  • Consultations of experts in treatment of a specific disease (for example, an epileptologist, a diabetologist)
  • Correction of complications after treatment at home and comprehensive rehabilitation

Medical tourism is a new chance to improve state of health with the help of specialists from the world’s best clinics.

Diagnostic programs

Diagnostic program, or a check-up, is suitable for patients with atypical complaints or an unspecified diagnosis. Best hospitals abroad use full range of investigations in order to get the most detailed information about patient’s state.

Based on the aim of examination, check-up program includes:

  • Laboratory tests – blood and urine analyses for hormones, viral markers, inflammatory parameters, etc.
  • Functional tests – ECG, spirography, electromyography, etc.
  • Visualizing tests – ultrasound, angiography, CT, MRI, PET-CT, radioisotope diagnostics, etc.
  • Special tests – hormonal stimulation tests, histological examination, allergological tests, etc.

Carefully implemented, check-up program helps to establish an accurate diagnosis and proceed to treatment.

Individual treatment programs

Depending on the type of required therapy, treatment programs may be performed on the inpatient or outpatient basis. Best hospitals abroad combine innovative techniques and traditional methods with proven effectiveness, choosing the best option for each patient.

The priority is always given to drug therapy with minimal side effects and minimally invasive surgical interventions. World’s best clinics widely use possibilities of robotic surgery, stereotactic radiosurgery, target drug therapy, etc. In addition, patients always can take part in specialized clinical trials.

Rehabilitation reinforces the result of treatment or helps a patient recover from surgery. Also, rehabilitation is successfully carried out in chronic incurable diseases, like cerebral palsy or Parkinson’s disease.

Leading countries with excellent healthcare systems

List of the world’s best hospitals is updated annually. It takes into account technical equipment, number of successful operations, complications rate, level of non-medical services, research activities and other indicators. Good results are consistently demonstrated by clinics from:

  • Germany. Germany specializes in high-tech surgical interventions, including manipulations on the heart and brain, oncological surgery, arthroplasty, and treatment of neurological disorders, including epilepsy.
  • Israel is famous for cancer chemotherapy and immunotherapeutic techniques.
  • Turkey is a leader in the field of organ transplantation and assisted reproductive technologies.
  • India combines the highest level of medical care with reasonable prices, and is keen on cancer treatment, including brain cancer, prostate cancer and target therapy.

Easy booking treatment abroad with Booking Health

Booking Health GmbH is the only specialized company in the world whose qualifications in the field of medical tourism are confirmed by the international quality control certificate ISO 9001:2015. The company’s head office is located in Bonn, but it provides necessary medical services to patients from 75 countries.

As a rule, people turn to our help in difficult clinical cases. High competence of our consulting doctors and medical coordinators guarantees our patients:

  • Selection of best hospitals: suitable multidisciplinary clinic or center with narrow specialization
  • Booking convenient appointment date
  • Preliminary elaboration of medical program (available medical information is taken into consideration)
  • Communication directly with your doctor, receiving a “second opinion”
  • Control of bills from the clinic, fare cost of medical services
  • Monitoring of the medical program at all stages
  • Organization of additional consultations and examinations
  • Communication with clinic after discharge
  • Assistance in booking accommodation and air tickets, translation services

Your personal medical coordinator will constantly be in touch with you. After returning home, you will receive medical documents in your language.