Brian Richard Esher his First Book “Rolling Coffins”

The new book “Rolling Coffins” from Page Publishing author Brian Richard Esher is the author’s personal recollection of the time he served in Vietnam as a Mechanized Infantryman during its most devastating year, 1968.

Brian Richard Esher, a business executive, veteran, and author, has completed his first book “Rolling Coffins”: a gripping and potent memoir filled with a plethora of emotion and a tone of honesty that is unforgettable.

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On how long it took to write this book, author Brian Richard Esher said, “It took me about 30 years of research and making notes about my experiences. I originally started out to simply record some of the incidents which happened to me while serving as a mechanized infantryman with the 25th Infantry Division in Vietnam for my two sons. As the incidents kept growing and others encouraged me to write a book I began to do research on where my unit was at the time of these incidents. The most difficult aspect of writing the book and what took the most time was placing all of these incidents into some sort of a chronological order and tying them to dates which were recorded as part of my unit history and with discussions with two other soldiers who served with me in Vietnam.”

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, Brian Richard Esher’s poignant tale is a descent into the murky depths of the Vietnam War. This is a story of hardship, struggle, and ultimate sacrifice.

An infantryman’s honest account of his experiences during the controversial Vietnam War, this book chronicles the courage and dedication that the American soldiers demonstrated while away from loved ones, in a foreign land where hanging by a thread was the norm every day. It openly discusses the challenges and sacrifices each man had to make in order to survive and protect the lives of his comrades, and it casts a light on the shortcomings of the US government and of those in authority who could have abated the terrifying number of casualties through proper planning and sound judgment. The author, Brian Richard Esher, had witnessed firsthand the horrors of the war and had many close encounters with death. He was sent to Vietnam in 1968, the worst year in terms of casualties. He served with the 25th Infantry Division, 4th Battalion of the 23rd Infantry Mechanized, and received several medals, including three Purple Hearts and the second highest military award for valor, the Distinguished Service Cross.

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