Buy an unique B-25H for just $950,000

Ever felt the need to just go out and buy yourself a toy to fill up those lazy Sundays or impress your friends? The ladies aren’t unreachable anymore with this little baby nicknamed “Barbie III”. And for just the small price of $950,000 there is no hesitation too buy yourself an unique B-25 model “H”, ready to fly.

No neighbor will ever complain again to your loud music when you have this rocket parked on your porch. This chick magnet nicknamed, “Barbie III”, is in a very good condition and is still as flown by Lt. Col. Robert T. “R.T.” Smith in Olive Drab with U.S.A.F. Markings.

Not only will you manage to impress your friends but you are also able to own a unique piece of history! Its engine is nothing less than a Curtiss-Wright R-2600-35.

Unique B-25H
Unique B-25H


Other features of the plane:

  • Avionics:
    • Garmin 340 Audio Panel
    • Garmin GNC 300 GPS
    • King KX-165 Nav/Comm with Loc/Glideslope Indicator
    • HSI
    • King KX-155 Nav/Comm with Loc Indicator
    • King KR-87 ADF with Indicator
    • King KT-76A Transponder with Mode C
    • Pointer 3000 ELT with Remote Switch in Cockpit
  • Equipment:
    New Fine Wire Spark Plugs
  • Airframe:
    3,521 Hrs TTSNEW
  • Engine:
    Curtiss-Wright R-2600-35
    LH: 323 Hours SMOH by Aero Trader
    RH: 31 Hours SMOH by Global Radial Aircraft Engines, Inc.*Aircraft Engines have Oil Analysis done at Each Inspection.
  • Propeller:

    LH: 36 Hours SPOH by H&S, AD 81-13-06 R2 due 8/2017
    RH: 1,574 Hours SPOH by Air Response, AD 81-13-06 R2 due 10/2017

    • 6/12/13 Installed O/H Oil Cooler LH Wing Outboard
    • 6/12/13 Installed Replacement Batteries RH and LH
    • 4/13/13 Installed RH O/H Engine, Carb and Oil Coolers
    • 4/11/13 RH Main Gear Down Lock Latch Replaced
    • 11/24/12 Installed O/H RH Engine Fuel Pump
    • 1/11/12 Garmin 340 Audio Panel S/B Complied with
    • 9/22/11 LH Ignition Vibrator Replaced with O/H Unit
    • 9/16/11 LH Engine Start Replaced with O/H Unit
    • 8/18/11 RH Prop Gov Replaced with O/H Unit
    • 6/24/11 RH Ignition Vibrator Replaced with O/H Unit
    • 12/31/09 Installed NOS RH Outboard Elevator Bracket
    • 11/17/09 Installed Serviceable Tack Gen LH Engine


  • Current Hobbs Reading: 497
  • Extensive Aircraft Refurbishment/Overhaul done 2006-2009
  • Pitot Static Check due 6/2015
  • Transponder Check due 6/2015
  • Service Bulletin B-25-001 due: 570.6 Hobbs
  • As of September 2014, Aircraft is Having Phase A, B, C, D, 100 Hour Inspections
  • per FAA 91.409(F)(4) AAIP Completed

Credits: Courtesy Aircraft

4 thoughts on “Buy an unique B-25H for just $950,000”

  1. My father, James “Jim” Sparks Cambron, worked on the factory-engineered B25H 75mm cannon mount at the North American Fairfax (Kansas City, Kansas) plant. he can be seen loading shells in this ground test firing film posted on Youtube:

    Jim told the story of the time that he fired the first airborne test of the factory version over Fort Riley, Kansas. When he pulled the lanyard, the resulting firing caused an abrupt drop in speed, popped the plexiglas nose off the test airframe and momentarily pinned him against the compartment bulkhead.

    Apparently a few bugs needed to be worked out…

  2. James W. Edmunds

    My Father was a Crew Chief (Flight Engineer) on the B-25 in World War two. My brother has a collage with his wings, Sergeant stripes, good conduct medal, sharpshooter medal, and a picture of him in uniform. The flag presented to him by the Veteran group is folded in a triangle presented at his graveside.

    1. Dear Sir Edmunds, thanks for your comment. If you ever want to share your father’s story with others, please feel free to contact us. Maybe we can dedicate an article to him. Thanks in advance.

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