Compilation of Incredible Videos from Unearthed Russian WWII Tanks

Below you will find a compilation of hand picked incredible videos from Russian World War II tanks which were unearthed in various countries of the formerly known Soviet Union and Poland. Many of these tanks are almost in perfect condition and some of them even started without too much of a problem after cleaning them up.

As is the case with alot of things buried in a swamp, the anaerobic aptmosphere preserves organic and ferrous materials pretty good. Although, when surfaced without proper attention and preservation, degradation often occurs rather rapidly.

T-34 pulled out of a swamp in Eastern Estonia. This T-34 was captured by the Germans (Beatepanzer) and marked as their own. This one was either stuck during battle or ditched during retreat in order for it not to fall back into the Russian enemies hands.

This T-34 has been restored and on display in Narwa. The tank is fully running again without using any spare parts!

T-34-76 Tank being pulled out of the Don River (Wolga) on July 14, 2016. This tank was newly produced at the Stalingrad Tractor Factory when it sank in the Don River. After it was retrieved from the river in July 2016, it was transported to Central Museum of armored vehicles in Kubinka town, near Moscow, for reconstruction and further exhibition.

Another T-34-76 which was unearthed from the mud. The excavation crew extract a lot of ammunition from the tank such as shells, grenades and machine gun barrels which seem to be still in very good condition except for the dirt.

T-34-76 unearthed from a swamp somewhere in Russia. According to the comments, the tank was restored and put on display in a museum. Again, as many tanks pulled out of a swamp in Russia, the tank still looks in remarkable condition. Interesting is that the tank still has its original 76 mm gun.

T-34-85 pulled out of the mud somewhere in Russia with its designation still clearly visibly. Again with a lot of ammunition on board. Currently no more information available.

T-34-76 pulled upside down out of a swamp. The T-34 is still in remarkable condition with the turret still turning without a problem! Currently no more information available.

T-34-76 pulled out of a swamp near Smolensk, Russia in 1997. Extracting a PPsH from the tank and lot of ammo!  Apparently, also remains of at least two crew members were found (as seen in the second video). Currently no more information available.

Turret-less T-34 Tank pulled from a bog. Currently no more information available.

Unearthing a Russian T-70 Light Tank, which was bogged during battle and lying undisturbed for more than 60 years until it excavated. Tracks still moving without a single problem.

A Russian KV-1 Tank was unearthed from its muddy grave after laying undiscovered for 74 years near the city of Senno in Belarus in 2015.

A Russian KV-1 (Klementi Voroshilov) Tank which was found in the Neva river in Russia. It had been there since Autumn 1941 and was sent to defend the Nevskij Bridge-head near Leningrad. According to the information available, this KV-1 became the solely running KV-1 of its type in the world and currently is in a museum.

Russian KV-1 Tank recovered from a river in Russia in 2002.

IS-2 pulled out of the mud in 1999. Currently no more information available.

On Thursday, 25th of October 2012, a Vickers Valentine tank was recovered from a swamp area on the River Warta in Western Poland. It is believed to have fallen through the ice covering a tributary of the River Warta, as it rolled towards Berlin during the Soviet Red Army’s massive assault on German defences in the east in 1945. Around 2,000 Valentines were delivered to the USSR as part of Western military lend/lease program during World War II.