Czterej pancerni i pies (1966)

Czterej pancerni i pies (1966)

TITLE: Czterej pancerni i pies

Story follows the adventures of a tank crew and their T-34 tank in the 1st Polish Army during World War II. Czterej pancerni i pies can be translated as Four Tank Men and a Dog.

EPISODES: Czterej pancerni i pies

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Episode 1: Zaloga
Episode 2: Radosc i gorycz
Episode 3:
Gdzie my, tam granica
Episode 4: Psi pazur
Episode 5: Rudy miod i krzyze
Episode 6: Most
Episode 7: Rozstajne drogi
Episode 8: Brzeg morza[/junkie-toggle][junkie-toggle title=”Season 2″ state=”closed”]

Episode 1: Zamiana
Episode 2: Kwadrans po nieparzystej
Episode 3:
Wojenny siew
Episode 4: Fort Olgierd
Episode 5: Zaklad o smierc
Episode 6: Czerwona seria
Episode 7: Wysoka fala
Episode 8: Daleki patrol[/junkie-toggle][junkie-toggle title=”Season 3″ state=”closed”]

Episode 1: Klin
Episode 2: Pierscienie
Episode 3:
Episode 4: Brama
Episode 5: Brom
Episode 6: Dom[/junkie-toggle]

IMAGES: Czterej pancerni i pies
DETAILS: Czterej pancerni i pies
Title Czterej pancerni i pies
Country Poland
Production Co. Zespol Filmowy “Syrena”, Zespol Filmowy “Nike”
Cast Janusz Gajos, Franciszek Pieczka, Wlodzimierz Press
Language Polish, Russian
English Subtitles
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