Sören Kam wearing the Knight's Cross.

Danish Knight’s Cross Bearer Sören Kam Passed Away

Søren Kam bearing the Knight's Cross.
Søren Kam bearing the Knight’s Cross.

News has reached Argunners that the Danish Ritterkreuzträger SS-Obersturmführer Sören Kam has passed away on 23 March 2015 in Kempten, Germany. He followed his wife, Eleonore Kam, who passed away just weeks before. Sören Kam was born on 2 November 1921 in Copenhagen, Denmark. He became a member of the youth faction of the DNSAP (NSU) where he was a close associate of Christian Frederik von Schalburg. In June 1940 he volunteered for the Waffen-SS and went on to serve with the 5. SS-Panzergrenadier-Division “Wiking” on the Eastern Front.

In 1942 he was sent to the SS-Junkerschule Bad Tölz, succeeded and was promoted to SS-Untersturmführer before reaching the rank of SS-Obersturmführer in 1945. On 7 February 1945, Adolf Hitler had awarded Kam, company commander of the 1st Company in the SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment “Germania”, the Knight’s Cross for “especially decisive action in the battle against the enemy” making Kam the third Dane to receive this award. Kam had been wounded in battle several times and for battlefield bravery been awarded the Iron Cross Second and First Class, the Infantry Assault Badge, Close Combat Clasp and the silver Wound Badge and that he had seen combat in the battles of Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkov, Cherkasy, Kovel and Warsaw.

According to the September 1943 issue of De frie Danske they proclaimed Kam and Flemming Helweg-Larsen as Schalburg-bandits and the murderers of newspaper editor Carl Henrik Clemmensen.

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4 thoughts on “Danish Knight’s Cross Bearer Sören Kam Passed Away”

  1. Post War West Germany was never in the position to openly harbor war criminals. The West German (and later unified) Government did not believe that the evidence was there to convict Soren; that the it was a post war witch hunt by Denmark to round up as many “war criminals” as possible. Waffen SS guys, regardless of their military record, were not real popular in a post war Europe. Look at what happened to Jochen Peiper.

  2. Well perhaps Mr op den Heuvel was referring to the fact that Kam actually was convicted – i.e. it was proved in a court of law – albeit in absentia. Also noteworthy: the Simon Wisenthal centre considered him worthy of attention. Why him and not the (albeit fast declining) majority of other Waffen-SS vets?

    1. Not all personnel of the Waffen-SS are ‘proven’ criminals and the same counts for all other Armed Branches of various Armies. Since most, if not all, countries of the World have blood on their hands, this topic is hard but widely discussant. Maybe you are referring to the Einatzgruppe who acted under the SS, of which was a criminal and murderous organisation, but the Waffen-SS was an Armed Branch of the German Army at that time. Including uncountable European citizens volunteered for service into the Waffen-SS, the believes for doing so are very different, but it doesn’t make them all war criminals. Nonetheless he still was a soldier who has proven himself in combat. As a soldier myself, and knowing how hard it can be, especially what you face in wartime I have nothing but respect for all what WWII or WWI soldiers went through on all sides! Argunners therefor post news from all Armed Branches of the Axis and Allied side. If we should look to the fact to what any army did of crimes, we shouldn’t post any at all. As I saw you are from the Netherlands, regarding to History, crimes were also committed by the Dutch Army such as the Rawagede massacre or in South Sulawesi but therefor it doesn’t mean the whole Dutch Army has to be blamed. If one was convicted for murder, it is also mentioned in the article but remember: history is still history and it shouldn’t be changed or forgotten.

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