Death of a Tank - Okinawa

The Death of a Sherman Tank and her crew on Okinawa, 1945

This sad footage shows an USMC M4A3 Sherman Tank of the 6th Tank Battalion burning after hitting a heavy Japanese IED – typically an aircraft bomb or artillery shell in conjunction with an anti-tank mine – on Okinawa, Japan in 1945. Nearby soldiers who got wounded by the explosion are carried away from the battlefield.

One member of the crew was thrown clear by the blast. Due the result of the explosion the Sherman was flipped over and the rest of the crew got trapped inside. Infantrymen tried fighting the flames with fire extinguishers in an effort to rescue the four tankmen trapped inside the Sherman. Sadly, before rescue could be effected the fire reached the ammunition in the tank, and the resulting explosion lefts only a battered metal hulk.

The Death of a Tank - Incredible Footage of World War 2
Remains of the Sherman after the explosion. None of the crew trapped inside survived.

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We’re looking to identify the tank crew of this Sherman. All information or tips are most appreciated, contact us

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  1. My father was one of the Marines trying to rescue the men trapped inside the tank. He is the one with the shovel trying to dig underneath to get to the top hatch. He stated they did not know there was another individual until he walked up to them. A friend sent the video to my Dad via email several years ago. He never knew about it until he received rt. It brought back vivid memories and he recalled it like it happened yesterday, Unfortunately My Dad recently passed. He was proud of his service in the Marines and led a very good life as a husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather.

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