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Essential Directors And Dark City Book Reviews

Being there . . . . integrally involved with four of America’s definitive resources for the greatest feature-length films of all time, Sloan De Forest, Eddie Muller, and their TCM-Running Press masterworks – – two books that entertain, enlighten, and show how the entire spectrum of classic movies, their history, and imaginative makings affect us …

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Masters of Mayhem: The Arab Revolt as the Cradle of Special Operations Author and former Special Forces soldier James Stejskal takes the time to share his take on the birth of British Special Operations Forces during World War One, and the role armored cars and other combat arms in creating “Hedgehog Force” in support of the Arab Revolt. James’ book Masters of Mayhem is available from …

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Being there . . . away from the battlefields, dead and dying, evil and destruction, in the warmth and safety of a living room armchair, dog at the feet, cat near the elbow, relishing one-of-a-kind military reading . . .

MEET McFARLAND BOOKS – – 1,600+ active titles on America’s armed forces In World. War II

Emerging as a tiny, but leading independent publishing company of nonfiction titles for the academic and general markets, it has distinguished itself both nationally and internationally with daring biographies, themes and topics, often rejected by larger publishing houses due to perceived low profitability. McFarland publishes more than 350 new titles per year in print and eBook formats with some 7,000 works available on an amazing wide range of subjects other than war, the main one introducing then focusing upon popular culture. Military buffs of the various, or all, the nation’s wars would do well to stay abreast of McFarland’s expansion plans, widening title lists, and latest publications by subscribing to the company’s monthly newsletter. Or, visit and browse the full catalog online, McFarlandBooks.Com, for expanded book descriptions, review quotes, and author biographies.