Mass Grave Stalingrad

German Mass Grave has been found in Stalingrad

A German mass grave was recently discovered in Wolgograd (Stalingrad). The mass grave was discovered with the moving of a water pipeline on September 25, 2018. Finally, last week the exhumation was finished and a total of 1837 remains from German soldiers were exhumed!

Denis Deryabkin, head of the Volksbund-Umbettungsdienstes in Moscow, said it is not unheard that mass graves are discovered in Stalingrad. Each year, he says, 3 or 4 mass graves are discovered and individual remains are found monthly.

Last week the exhumation of the mass grave finished. The total number of exhumed remains of German soldiers is 1837! At least 50 of the 150 dog tags (“Erkennungsmarken”) are still clearly readable and these soldiers will be identified within reasonable time. The other 100 dog tags will need to be cleaned professionally.

The German War Graves Commission (“Volksbund”) did find out more information about this mass grave and could add that at this place in the Russian District Angarskij right after the Battle of Stalingrad in March 1943 a long gorge was situated. This gorge was used as a mass grave by the Soviet Army. Uncountable bodies of German soldiers and horse cadavers were buried here. The main reason for a quick disposal of all the death bodies was the danger of epidemics.

After the exhumation and documentation has been done on the recently found bones, the remains will be buried on the German War Cemetery Rossoschka in the vicinity of Wolgograd.