Wreckage of British Submarine HMS P311

Images from the long-lost British Submarine HMS P311 Wreck

Yesterday we announced that the long-lost British Submarine HMS P311 that fought during World War II has been found. It is thought that it still contains the remains of all 71 servicemen that were inside when the submarine went missing. P311 has been found by divers off the coast of Sardinia.

The wreckage was discovered by Genoa-based wreck-hunter, Massimo Domenico Bordone on Saturday. Bordone said: “Immediately I thought of the destiny of the men who met their deaths down there. It was a fate shared by so many men, submariners in particular, fighting on all both sides of the conflict.

HMS P311, the only unnamed T-class boat, was due to have been named Tutenkhamen. Fitted to carry 2 human torpedoes (Chariots). P311 Left Scotland in November 1942 with sister-boats Thunderbolt and Trooper after addition of human torpedo deck-mounted watertight containers direct for Malta. From there, sailed with two Chariots for Operation Principle. Last signal on 31st of December. Probably sunk by Italian mines in the approaches to Maddalena. Lost with all hands on board.

Argunners Magazine received permission to publish the first images taken by Massimo Domenico Bordone of the wreckage. The wreckage of HMS P311 was identified by its pressure resistant hull welded on the deck.

Wreckage of British Submarine HMS P311 Wreckage of British Submarine HMS P311 Wreckage of British Submarine HMS P311 Wreckage of British Submarine HMS P311 Wreckage of British Submarine HMS P311 Wreckage of British Submarine HMS P311 Wreckage of British Submarine HMS P311

Relatives of one of the lost seamen told Massimo: “Sir on behalf of the family of Able Seaman L Auty, I would like to thank you for finding HMS P311 and the care and respect that you have shown to those that perished. You have my grateful respect.”

John Meyerhuber, one of the lost seamen, on the left. (Credits: Beverley Huber)

Names of the perished seamen:

Able Seaman Alfred Stanley NEWTON D/SSX 13847
Petty Officer Telegraphist Andrew ADAMS D/JX 147935
Able Seaman Arthur KEY P/JX 275312
Chief Stoker Arthur James SQUIRE D/KX 75929
Chief Petty Officer Arthur Stephen Kingston LEE D S M P/J 113443
Able Seaman Bernard CROSS C/JX 157739
Able Seaman Bernard TREVETHAN P/JX 149522
Telegraphist Bernard George CHEESEMAN C/JX 236264
Leading Seaman Bertie George Sidney RICKWOOD P/SSX 25205
Lieutenant Cecil BUCKLEY
Petty Officer Cecil Ernest CARR C/JX 144742
Able Seaman Cecil William EVANS P/JX 164117
Able Seaman Charles Edward William BROCK D/JX 138882
Leading Stoker Charles Henri VOKINS P/KX 85119
Petty Officer Christopher IDDIOLS C/J 100591
Able Seaman Clarence Howard RUDGE P/JX 276519
Chief Engine Room Artificer Cyril KIMBERLEY D/M 38795
Able Seaman Desmond Arthur Jack FELTHAM P/SSX 32278
Ordinary Seaman Donald Barry BENNETT D/JX 305625
ERA4 Edmund George HUNT C/MX 77300
Leading Cook (S) Geoffrey Leonard SKIPPON D/MX 69037
Able Seaman George LORD D/JX 287256
Stoker 1st Class Harry Herbert BLACKWELL P/KX 132332
Leading Stoker Henry Charles SHORT P/KX 97695
Stoker 1st Class Henry Reginald FOXON P/KX 114941
Lieutenant Jack SARGENT
Able Seaman James CLARK C/SSX 23951
Petty Officer Steward James Crisp KING MiD P/LX22336
Leading Telegraphist James Malcolm BROWN P/JX 139969
Leading Telegraphist Jim LORD D/JX 161659
Stoker 1st Class John GEE D/SKX 1266
Petty Officer Stoker John McCLURE P/KX 80404
Leading Telegraphist John MEYERHUBER P/JX 155251
Lieutenant (E) John Hudson GORDON
Electrical Artificer 4th Class John Leslie LYTH P/MX 66284
Stoker 2nd Class John Norbert GRIFFITHS D/KX 144769
Petty Officer Stoker John Vernon MILLIGAN P/KX 86292
Leading Seaman John William REDMAN C/JX 132535
Able Seaman Leonard AUTY P/JX 237486
Stoker 1st Class Matthew QUINN D/SKX 1238
Petty Officer Stoker Patrick John DONOHUE P/KX 84220
Able Seaman Paul MAPPLEBECK R/JX 180968
ERA3 Percival Leo James DOWN D/MX 53618
ERA4 Reginald Charles William MARTIN P/MX 55884
Ordinary Seaman Richard RIBBANDS P/JX 338299
Commander Richard Douglas CAYLEY D S O and 2 bars
Lieutenant Richard Hele Spencer SILVER
Able Seaman Robert Warner CLARKE P/JX 321879
Able Seaman Robert William JOHNS D/SSX 21077
Stoker 1st Class Ronald William Buller PRIDHAM D/KX 145916
Yeoman of Signals Thomas Harold MOON D S M C/JX 133998
Stoker 1st Class Thomas Neil McSHANE P/KX 130669
Stoker 1st Class Thomas William BULFORD P/KX 88120
Stoker 1st Class Thomas William FRENCH C/KX 95964
Ordinary Seaman Walter McLEAN P/JX 362264
Stoker 1st Class Wilfred BRUCE C/KX 118719
Stoker 1st Class Wilfred FOUNDLING C/KX 132645
Able Seaman William COONEY D/SSX 28081
Petty Officer William Edward DYE C/JX 126605
Able Seaman William Frank SUTHERLAND C/SSX 23885
Able Seaman William Frederick NESBITT C/J 99511
Able Seaman William Henry BURTON P/SSX 22991
Lieutenant Ian Norman MACRAE
Seaman Robert ANDERSON D/X 18907

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  1. Rip my brother William edward dye petty officer on p311 in my heart always never forgotten your loving brother Bernard

  2. My fathers cousin was John (Jack) Meyerhuber who perished on this submarine. So glad it has been found at last and that it is to remain a war grave. RIP you brave young men. You have not and never will be forgotten

    1. Thanks for your comment. Is there a possibility you or any relative might have a photograph of Leading Telegraphist John Meyerhuber to add to the article in his honor? Thanks!

      1. I have a photograph of John that I can forward to you if you can let me have an e mail address. Sorry that I have not responded sooner. I do not often use the Internet .

  3. Christine Stevens

    Able seaman William Cooney my mother’s first husband killed six weeks before his only child my late beautiful eldest sister Margaret Patrica was born. Your name has always been spoken with love. Your Gallanty never forgoten. R.I.P. from your daughter’s sister Christine. God bless x

  4. To the gallant men of this submarine, I hope your passing away was quick and without pain. We salute you.

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