Konvoy PQ-17 (2004)

TITLE: Konvoy PQ-17

June 27, 1942. From Reykjavik to Arkhangelsk went convoy which has received the code name: PQ-17. The way for the ships with cargoes for Russia laid through northern Atlantic where they were awaited by a chilling wind, storming sea and fatal attacks of German submarines and bombers. But the main threat represented German battleship Tirpitz, according to one of the messages which occurrence has forced English Admiralty to give an order on tap of the ships of covering, and to carriers – to disperse and to break on one by one, relying only on the success, courage and bravery of the seamen.

EPISODES: Konvoy PQ-17

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DETAILS: Konvoy PQ-17
Title Konvoy PQ-17
Country Russia
Production Co. MakDos
Cast Sergey Anufriev, Vladimir Erasov, Sergey Zamorev
Language Russian, English, German
English Subtitles
REVIEW: Konvoy PQ-17
IMDB: 6,2/10
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