Krasnaya Kapella (2004)

Krasnaya Kapella (2004)

TITLE: Krasnaya Kapella

World War II, Paris. The head of a large trading company with branches throughout Europe is Jean Gilbert (pseudonym of Leopold Trepper) – Scout No. 1, organizer and leader of the Soviet intelligence network in Western Europe during World War II, known as the “Red Chapel”. The unofficial title of Leopold Trepper “Scout No. 1” is recognized by all the special services of the world. The spy network created by him is to this day considered the most effective, and its whole story is a ready-made screenplay, where numerous radio operators actually called themselves “pianists”, and their boss “conductor.” The materials of the Gestapo network called “Red Chapel”. Of the 1,500 radiograms transmitted, the Nazis managed to intercept only two hundred. The data obtained in the Soviet Union from Leopold Trepper, influenced the outcome of key battles, including the Battle of Stalingrad.

The German detective Karl Giering doesn’t suppose that the man he has been searching for for many years is his neighbor. Gilbert and Giering are not only neighbors, they are even friends, and walking their dogs together on the banks of the Seine. Giering is mortally ill. Doctors gave him half a year. He has already lived three times and is well aware that in this world he is only because the “conductor” has not yet been caught …

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DETAILS: Krasnaya Kapella
Title Krasnaya Kapella
Country Russia
Production Co. Rekun TV, Rizhskaja Kinostudia
Cast Andrey Ilin, Aleksey Gorbunov, Dmitriy Nazarov
Language Russian
English Subtitles No
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