Line of Separation - Tannbach

Line of Separation also known as Tannbach (2015)

TITLE: Line of Separation

SEASON 1: Spring 1945, just before Germany’s zero hour. In Tannbach, a fanatical band of Nazi soldiers stages one last murderous attack on their fellow citizens before the arrival of the Americans, who finally end the war. It is an uneasy peace, however, that collapses when the Russian troops arrive. Both superpowers claim Tannbach for themselves in this miniature version of the dawn of the Cold War.

The war generation gradually begins shifting into the postwar generation. And the town of Tannbach awaits its great moment on the world’s stage. Spanning approx. 10 years, from the end of the war to the building of the Wall, this story relates the fate of Tannbach, a town cut in two by democracy and communism.

Everybody has something to hide, change or forget here. Everybody wants to reshape their biography. Everybody – except, perhaps, 16-year-old Baroness Anna von Striesow, who is revolted by the horrors committed by the Nazis and who now wants to give a new world order a chance: Communism, at the side of the young man she loves, the refugee Friedrich.

Over the years, Anna and Friedrich begin to lose their footing among the swirling maze of incorrigible and denazified Nazis, idealistic socialists and revanchist communists, humanity and inhumanity –all crowned by the ultimate absurdity of a carelessly drawn border between East and West Germany running through the middle of the town.

Inspired by the true events spanning the years 1945 to 1961, “Line of Separation” brings into play a range of destinies – perpetrators, victims, opportunists, winners and losers – who emerged from Generation War only to find themselves trapped in a new and potentially more devastating conflict, the Cold War…

SEASON 2: Germany, spring 1960. The citizens of Tannbach who live on the border between East and West Germany have resigned themselves to a life of political absurdity: a carelessly drawn border has cut the town in two. As the Prague Spring is coming to a bloody end, what little hope was left for the “socialism with a human face” finally seems to evaporate. While Anna and Friedrich are still working on building socialism in the GDR, Anna’s father Georg von Striesow is profiting from the West-German “economic miracle.” Yet soon enough, the border in the middle of the village is claiming its first victims: A child dies in a grenade accident, Hilde falls into the clutches of the State Security Service, Anna’s son Felix flees from an NPA casern and Georg’s soon-to-be third wife Rosemarie has a dark secret…a town on the front line of the Cold War is further torn apart by the Iron Curtain.

EPISODES: Line of Separation

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Episode 1: Der Morgen nach dem Krieg (Morning after the War)
Young aristocrat Anna takes charge of the family estate after her parents are threatened by the Germans, but when the town is caught between the Americans and Russians, its citizens’ lives are disrupted

Episode 2: Die Enteignung (The Expropriation)
The Soviets take back control of Tannbach because the Americans have advanced too far. The new regime begins to reassign the land owned by the few to the many. But will the citizens be won over?

Episode 3: Mein Land, dein Land (My Land, your Land)
The town is divided down the line of the river, with Americans governing one side and Russians the other, compromising families and friendships. A state of emergency challenges Friedrich and Anna.[/junkie-toggle][junkie-toggle title=”Season 2″ state=”closed”]

Episode 1: Schatten des Krieges
Episode 2: Frieden aus Stein 
Episode 3: Traum von Frühling[/junkie-toggle]

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DETAILS: Line of Separation
Title Line of Separation also known as Tannbach & Tannbach II (Season 2)
Country Germany, Czech Republic
Production Co. Gabriela Sperl Produktion, Wiedemann & Berg Television
Producers Gabriela Sperl, Quirin Berg, Max Wiedemann
Cast Johanna Bittenbinder, Jonathan Berlin, Henriette Confurius, Heiner Lauterbach, Ludwig Trepte
Language English
English Subtitles Yes
REVIEW: Line of Separation
IMDB: 7,4/10 Amazon US: 5/5
NOTES: Unsere Mütter, Unsere Väter

#1. Ludwig Trepte

Ludwig Trepte, who portrayed Viktor Goldstein in Generation War also starred in the more recent mini-series Line of Separation, which was also a production of ZDF.

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