Macchi C. 202/ C. 205V Units in CombatJunkers Ju 188 Units of World War 2, The Oil Campaign 1944-45, Draining the Wehrmacht’s Lifeblood

Being there . . . . to witness how WW II’s greatest air wars were planned and fought; what Allied
and Axis aircrafts were involved; how and why the aerial battles were won and lost on both
sides . . . .
OSPREY PUBLISHING Provides Astonishing Bird’s-Eye Views of the Air War Over Europe
Other than the Naval Institute Press, no publisher in the history of publishing has provided
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Osprey Publishing . . . .
Part One of Two Parts (Part Two tomorrow)
Reviewed and Highly Recommended by Don DeNevi
“MACCHI C. 202/C. 205V UNITS IN COMBAT”, by Marco Mattioli. Osprey Publishing, Combat
Aircraft Series 145: 2002, 96 pages, sc; $24. See:
“JUNKERS Ju 188 UNITS OF WORLD WAR 2”, by Robert Forsyth. Osprey Publishing, Combat
Aircraft Series 146: 2022, 96 pages, sc; $24. See: www.ospreypublishing,com.
“THE OIL CAMPAIGN 1944-45 Draining the Wehrmacht’s Lifeblood”, by Steven J. Zaloga,
Illustrated by Edouard A. Groult. Osprey Publishing, Air Campaign Series: 96 pages, sc; 2022,
Packed with rare, eyewitness, first-hand accounts, archival and often personal photographs,
and specially commissioned airplane profile artworks, oil and watercolor paintings, all three
volumes present the detailed service histories of the major operational Axis planes including
those employing the new Italian in-line engine aircraft design. Both volumes not only focus
upon these fighters and bombers, but also other aircraft involved in the famous Oil Campaign
of the final 18 months of WW II. All three actually incorporate fascinating minutia regarding the
increased performances and technological complexities of the aircraft involved.
In addition, readers are literally present when new BMW engines are introduced to such planes
mid war. We observe increased ordnance capabilities and improved altitude performances. We
are enthralled when the Ju 199 incorporates a radically redesigned cockpit area with all-round
visibility for high-speed bombings, torpedo-bombings, and camera-equipped reconnaissance

The Macchi’s C.202 Folgore (Thunderbolt) was the most potent Italian-built fighter fielded by
the Regia Aeronautics, the Italian Air Force. The Macchi C.202 held its own against the best
Allied fighters in the Mediterranean and North Africa. After brilliant author Marco Mattioli
concludes charting its service history, he places the reader in its cockpit via the exploits of the
actual pilots who flew it into action over the Western Desert and in the defense of Sicily and
In the third book, renowned WW II historian Steven J. Zaloga not only explains why the Oil
Campaign was the most decisive air campaign of the WWII, but also exactly how the USAAF and
Bomber Command achieved that remarkable victory.
In tomorrow’s edition, look for Part 2 of this must-read OPREY Air War Campaign Series: “Leyte
Gulf 1944 (2)”, “German and Italian Aircraft Carriers of WW II”, and “The Polish Navy 1918-45 —

  • The Polish, Soviet War to WW II”.