Manhattan (2014)

TITLE: Manhattan

In 1943, in Los Alamos, New Mexico, a team of government scientists is working on the top secret Manhattan Project in a race to produce an atomic bomb before the Nazis. Meanwhile, their families adjust to a life on the military base.

EPISODES: Manhattan

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Episode 1: You Always Hurt the One You Love
Episode 2: The Prisoner’s Dilemma
Episode 3: The Hive
Episode 4: Last Reasoning of Kings
Episode 5: A New Approach to Nuclear Cosmology
Episode 6: Acceptable Limits
Episode 7: The New World
Episode 8: The Second Coming
Episode 9: Spooky Action at a Distance
Episode 10: The Understudy
Episode 11: Tangier
Episode 12: The Gun Model
Episode 13: Perestroika
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Episode 1: Damnatio Memoriae
Episode 2: Fatherland
Episode 3: The Threshold
Episode 4: Overlord
Episode 5: The World of Tomorrow
Episode 6: 33
Episode 7: Behold the Lord High Executioner
Episode 8: Human Error
Episode 9: Brooklyn
Episode 10: Jupiter

IMAGES: Manhattan
DETAILS: Manhattan
Title Manhattan
Country USA
Production Co. Shoe Money Productions, Skydance Media, Skydance Television
Creators Sam Shaw
Cast Rachel Brosnahan, Michael Chernus, Christopher Denham
Language English
English Subtitles
REVIEW: Manhattan
IMDB: 7,8/10 Amazon US: 4/5
WATCH: Manhattan
Amazon (United States)

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