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Movie World War Z

World War Z was a fan favorite movie, released in 2013, starring Brad Pitt as the main character. If you have forgotten the movie, here is a synopsis:

Gerry Lane, Pitt’s character, is a retired UN investigator who manages to escape a zombie outbreak in the crowded city of Philadelphia. They are rescued and transported to a Navy carrier ship in the waters outside of New York City. Gerry is taken along with researchers and Navy SEALs to attempt to find the “patient zero” in South Korea who is believed to have started the zombie outbreak.

The location moves to Jerusalem, where the walled city has protected the residents from the infected zombies outside. Unfortunately, their loud music attracts the zombies who swiftly pile up along the walls and invade the city. Gerry and a member of the Israel Defense Force (IDF) escape on a passenger plane, though a passenger is infected and quickly infects nearly everyone onboard. Gerry detonates a grenade to force a crash landing on the way to a World Health Organization facility. He and the IDF agent survive the crash and reach the facility.

A theory is presented to circumvent the zombies by infecting themselves with a deadly but curable disease. The theory is tested while attempting to reach the pathogens within the WHO facility. The zombies do not react while there is quiet and people around them are carrying that pathogen. However, the solution came too late as most of the world has been overrun by the zombies.

The movie didn’t necessarily set itself up for a sequel, but it also didn’t follow the details outlined in the inspiration book, World War Z by Max Brooks, so there is plenty of room for future movies. Fans have been clamoring for a sequel since the films release in 2013. The sequel, World War Z was initially set for a release date of June 9, 2017, but that has since been canceled with no date yet in its place.

Brad Pitt is set to reprise his role as Gerry Lane, and will also be serving as the film’s executive producer. Though no official trailer has been released yet for this film, here is a fan-made trailer to help stoke your enthusiasm for the upcoming film.

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  1. In the book the virus originated in China. I guess the Chinese who run AMC wouldn’t show the movie unless it started in Korea. But that’s okay. This is fine.

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