Ne Pokiday Menya (2014)

TITLE: Ne pokiday menya

To accomplish a particularly important task, the veteran reconnaissance officer Captain Mikhasyov receives a special reconnaissance group of four fighters under his command. Only these fighters are … young girls. These yesterday’s schoolgirls have to penetrate the communications center of the enemy army and paralyze its work, ensuring the success of the offensive operation of the Soviet troops.

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DETAILS: Ne Pokiday Menya
Title Ne Pokiday Menya (Meaning: “Don’t Leave Me”) 
Country Russia
Production Co. Mars Media
Producer Alexander Franskevich-Laye
Cast Alexey Guskov, Evgenia Brik (Khirivskaya), Natalia Bystrov, Anna Rytsareva, Olga Shuvalova, Veronika Plyashkevich, Ivan Matskevich, Igor Denisov
Language Russian
English Subtitles
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YouTube Mars Media
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