Part six of a 10 part series Celebrating America’s best WWII publishers -Casemate Publishing Company

Being there . . . . in Hitler’s East Prussia field headquarters, the Wolfsschanze, after the attempt on his life in the Fall of 1944 . . .


Part six of a 10 series
Celebrating America’s best WW11 publishers
Casemate Publishing Company

In German, “Wolfsschanze”, Wolf’s Lair, was the name Hitler himself chose for the command center in Poland during his invasion and hoped for conquest of Stalin’s Russia . . .
in’s Russia.

Review and highly recommended by Don DeNevi

“HITLER’S WOLFSSCHANZE – – The Wolf’s Lair Headquarters On the Eastern Front – – An Illustrated Guide”, by John Grehan. Frontline Books, Pen & Sword, dist. Castemate Publishers: 309 pages, HC; $34.95. See: pen-and[email protected]; or, [email protected]

2 DVD, Premium Edition. “FUEHRER HEADQUARTERS WOLFS LAIR – – Command Center East Prussia”, 3 Bonus Archive Films, 8 Wolf’s Lair Galleries, dist. By Casemate Publishers,, (610) 853-9131. ISNB 4260110585033.

Set deep in the forests of the Masurian Mountains of northeastern Poland of what was once East Prussia lies a rotting ruin of World War II bunkers and shelters. Constructed by thousands of slave laborers under conditions of utmost secrecy, the 2.5 square mile field headquarters-command center was Hitler’s favorite of a dozen or so such sites throughout his conquered territories. More than 80 building and bunkers housed countless generals, staff, secretaries, and SS guards. Colonel Von Stauffenberg almost blew Hitler to hell here in July of 1944. The wooden building is still there, open to tourists.

In this brilliantly designed hard cover, author John Grehan leads us on a riveting tour of Hitler’s home away from Berlin with hundreds of color photos taken recently and compares them to those taken in 1944, adding personal German accounts of not only those military men and women summoned there by the Fuhrer, but from those who worked there year around. Unequivocally, the book is one of the most important ever assembled on the Second World War, an absolute must for the serious buff’s military library. Chapter 8, ‘Valkyrie-the 20 July 1944 Assassination Attempt on Hitler at the Wolfsschanze” offers hither unpublished facts, details, recollections of those present, and photos.

Meanwhile, the hours-long documentary, “Fuehrer Headquarters Wolfs Lair”, reconstructs the story of its birth, growth, and development of the command center via motion pictures. For the first time on two DVDs, actual witnesses tell their stories about Hitler and provide rare insights into the planning behind the infamous “Eastern Campaign”. Casemate Publishers presents us with previously unseen footage from four films which were originally produced about the Fuehrer at that time. “Headquarters”, a main film, and three bonus films, including several “Bonus Galleries” photographs depicting the entire Lair,

To those interested in touring Hitler’s evil field headquarters, why not explore the possibility with the nearest Polish Tourist Office, as this reviewer is doing despite the summer heat and mosquitos.