Polish Historian claims to have found the missing Amber Room

After two individuals had claimed to have found a ‘long forgotten’ German train filled with gold and gems last year, with a release crappy photo-shopped images last october of that infamous gold train, another Polish man thinks to have found a treasure. Polish historian Bartlomiej Plebanczyk claimed to have found the long-lost Amber Room in a German bunker (former German army’s wartime headquarters) located in Mamerki, near Wegorzewo, Saturday.

We base our facts on historical literature, the whole story about the Amber Room is written by specialists. It’s not our speculations, Mamerki and Eastern Prussia were always mentioned in this literature as the location of the Amber Room. Everyone who is searching for the Amber Room knows that the first place to look for it is Mamerki. This is a historical fact because Erich Koch came here, proved by historians. The history of searching the Amber Room is so vast that people are desperate and skeptical, as this is another attempt to find it, but we are firm to perform the final search and solve this riddle whatever it takes.”, said Bartlomiej Plebanczyk.

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Tests in September by earth-penetrating radar in the woods near the Polish village of Mamerki suggest there’s a small room at the base of a bunker.”, Bartlomiej Plebanczyk added: “The hidden space may be of huge size and it is situated right under us, two metres below this concrete sarcophagus.

The original Amber Room, 1931. (Credits: Wikimedia)
The original Amber Room, 1931. (Credits: Wikimedia)
Amber Room (Credits: Public Domain)
Amber Room (Credits: Public Domain)

Yet (again) someone thinks it is a good idea – without any proof – to claim to have found something precious and tell it to the world. According to experts the Amber Room would now be worth over $500,000,000 (350,000,000 GBP).

The only thing for certain is that tourism in the area will rise as visitors to his museum of which he is director.

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