REVIEW: Hitler’s invasion of East Anglia 1940; An Historical cover up?

REVIEW: Hitler’s invasion of East Anglia 1940; An Historical cover-up?

An interesting book about the planning on both sides of the war of the German Invasion of England. The German plan of operation was called Sea Lion. History tells us that many countries have tried to invade England but only one was successful. I won’t spoil that piece of history for you. As Bowman details in the book, the Germans went to great lengths to plan the invasion but never achieved their pre-requisites of dominating the RAF in the skies.

The book has a couple of eye-opening entries. One of them is the hypothesis that Germans did invade England and it was a disaster. The English set the sea on fire at the invasion site and many Germans were killed and or injured. It could be true I am not sure. World War II was littered with failures just like this such as Dunkirk, Dieppe, Pointe Du Hoc, and the disaster at Slapton Sands!

The most intriguing entry in the book was from Richard Walther Darre, one of the leading Nazi ideologists that served as the minister of Food and Agriculture 1933-1942, who commented, “As soon as we beat England we shall make an end of you Englishmen once and for all. Able-bodied men and women between the ages of 16 and 45 will be exported as slaves to the Continent. The old and weak will be exterminated. All men remaining in Britain as slaves will be sterilized; a million or two of the young women of the Nordic type will be segregated in a number of stud farms where, with the assistance of picked German sires, during a period of 10 or 12 years, they will produce annually a series of Nordic infants to be brought up in every way as Germans. These infants will form the future population of Britain. They will be partially educated in Germany and only those who fully satisfy the Nazi’s requirements will be allowed to return to Britain and take up permanent residence. The rest will be sterilized and sent to join slave gangs in Germany. Thus, in a generation or two, the British will disappear.” Shocking to hear someone say those kinds of comments even today!

I think you will enjoy the book and all it provides. Some of the details are still shrouded in mystery by the British MoD due to the classification of documents but time will reveal the truth.

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Review by Christopher (Moon) Mullins