REVIEW: The South Irish Horse in the Great War

An excellent historical record of the South Irish Horse Regiment formed at the start of World War I from six previously disbanded Irish Regiments. The South Irish Horse proved instrumental in the retreat from Mons, The action at Landrecies, the battle of the Marne, Aisne, and the First Battle of Ypres.

The South Irish Horse existed for a mere 20 years. Raised as The South of Ireland Imperial Yeomanry in Jan 1902 and disbanded in July 1922 along with five other famous Irish Regiments
The Royal Irish Regiment,
The Connaught Rangers,
The Leinster Regiment,
The Royal Munster Fusiliers &
The Royal Dublin Fusiliers.
The roots of the Irish Horse can be traced to the Boer War with the 61st (South Irish) Company, 17th Battalion, Imperial Yeomanry. The South Irish Horse Regiment had a rich history and served with distinction earning battle honors for Loos, Somme, Albert, St Quentin, Rosieres, Avre, Ypres, Courtrai, and other parts of France and Flanders. The Regiment was blessed with colorful Irish characters that provide their stories of the Great War throughout the book.

The 6th Marquis of Waterford KP sponsored the regiment and fought with authorities to ensure the regiment retained is distinctive green uniform and Irish traditions. The Regiment served with honor, selfless service, during the Great War. This book captures their spirit and fine history that was passed down from unit to unit over the years.

A Fine tribute to one of the Best Horse Regiments of the Great War. The South Irish Horse deployed with the Expeditionary Forces and was covered in glory and honors for ten of those battles and campaigns.

The South Irish Horse Regimental history is captured in this book for posterity for historians and World War I researchers and serves as an excellent example of the small unit esprit de corps that can be fostered when given the right support and equipment for war.

About the author Mark Perry was educated at the Royal Hospital School, Ipswich for the sons of serving sailors, where he developed a passion for all things historical, particularly military history. His career in surveying took him to Ireland where he now lives.

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Book review by Christopher (Moon) Mullins