Storycorps - Battle of the Bulge story

Storycorps – Killing this Soldier was the saddest memory of my life

Joseph Robertson, was an infantryman in the US Army during World War II, where he fought in the Battle of the Bulge. The stark black and white images in this short video haunt the viewer, just as Robertson is haunted by his memories from that battle. In this poignant StoryCorps video, he tries to explain the guilt he has carried since he killed a German soldier approaching his position.

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  1. Decisions we have to make in combat really come down to life or death…..right now! Then we get to live with them by ourselves for the rest of our days…that inth of a second. Sure you can talk about it with a counselor or a fellow vet or a family member but trying to put them in the right words the way you feel or hurt or the empty is nearly impossible if not impossible itself. No one really can understand what YOU are going through and no matter how or what had helped you before won’t necessarily help you now because they always seem to find their way back to you when you can’t push them back in your weakest time of sleep. I feel so bad for this man because I have an idea of what he was going through before he passed. At least the pain is over now for him. Rest easy sir.

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