The Springfield Armory Mil Spec Model 1911 is clearly an ungraded version of the original 

“plain Jane” design. Unlike the original G.I or Government issue 1911, the Mil Spec Model is fitted

with a Match Grade stainless steel five inch barrel and a set of high visibility Fixed Combat Three Dot

White Dot Sights. In keeping with the design features of the original 1911, the Springfield Mil Spec

model has an Arched Mainspring Housing, all steel construction and a short military combat trigger.

The Mil Spec Model also has an expertly applied Parkerized Finish. This finish is one of the key

features of World War II era 1911s.

The first 1911 I purchased was a Colt Lightweight Commander in .45 ACP caliber that I had 

Teflon coated. I had this coating applied to protect this pistol from corrosion. I adopted this pistol

because the shorter slide with the four inch barrel and the lightweight frame made the Lightweight

Commander Model a little easier to carry concealed.

Later on in my law enforcement career, when I served with U.S. Customs Service, I carried a 

brand new (government issued) all steel Colt Series 70 Government Model 1911 in .45 ACP. This was

during The Miami Vice Era of the Drug War, when I flew drug interdiction missions in South Florida

and throughout the Caribbean. Even though I was always armed with a Colt CAR 15, a 9mm

submachine gun, or a Parkerized Remington 870 pump action shotgun, I always carried two

handguns and plenty of spare ammunition. I did so, because we never knew when we would be forced

to engage superior numbers of smugglers during an interdiction mission in a remote area.


Even though I have a great deal of respect for the Mr. John Browning, if I could go back in time 

the only question I would ask this incredibly famous firearms inventor, is what possessed him to design

the 1911, the 9mm Browning Hi Power and the Colt Pocket Auto aka the 1903/1908 Pocket

Hammerless series of pistols with the lowest profile set of fixed iron sights imaginable? After all, it

isn’t like people back then had better eye sight than those of us who came later on.

While I have never had a problem maintaining proficiency with a “plain Jane” 1911, that was 

equipped with a set of low profile fixed sights, I fully admit that shooting any pistol with more

modern high profile three (white) dot sights and or night sights makes it even easier to maintain

proficiency. This becomes evident when you train with the Springfield Armory Mil Spec Model 1911

and it becomes considerably easier to shoot this pistol with tremendous precision. This is made possible

because of a combination of features, that include excellent ergonomics, all steel construction, the use

of a match grade stainless barrel, excellent sights and a very user friendly Single Action trigger. The

fact that the Springfield Armory Mil Spec Model 1911 has a superbly applied corrosion resistant

Parkerized Finish is another enhancement, that makes this .45 ACP caliber pistol ready for use in

adverse operating conditions.

The following ammunition was used while field testing the Springfield Armory Mil Spec 

(Government Model) 1911: Hornady 185 grain Critical Defense, 230 grain Winchester SXT hollow-

point ammunition, 230 grain Federal HST hollow-point ammunition, 185 grain Remington FMJ

ammunition and 230 grain Remington FMJ ammunition. As someone who has traditionally used

heavier 230 grain Federal and Winchester hollow-point ammunition, I was very impressed with the

way the Springfield Armory Mil Spec Model 1911 performed, when I tested this pistol with the 185

grain Hornady Critical Defense load.

                      CLOSING REMARKS   

In this day and age when polymer framed pistols reign supreme, a well made 1911 is still a 

highly effective Personal Defense Weapon. If you agree and you are interested in purchasing a

flawlessly reliable reasonably priced, incredibly well made 1911, I strongly advise that you consider

purchasing a Springfield Armory Mil Spec Model.

Nick Jacobellis is a Medically Retired U.S. Customs Agent and a former NY police officer who was physically disabled in the line of duty while working undercover as a federal agent. To date, the author has published over 205 magazine articles and nine action-packed nonfiction, historical fiction, and fiction books: Controlled Delivery Books One and Two, The Frontline Fugitives Books I, II, III, and IV, Buck Banderas U.S. Marshal Books One and Two and A Special Kind of Hero. These books have received 5 Star reviews and are available on (US), and (UK). He was born and raised in Flatbush section of Brooklyn NY and has an BS Degree in Police Science from John Jay College of Criminal Justice.