REVIEW: Traditional Enemies: Britain’s War With Vichy France 1940-42

I had the pleasure of reviewing this book. It’s one of the most interesting I’ve read to date which sits and makes you think about what would have happened had things gone down differently. It gives the story of the French during Dunkirk and after Dunkirk about how France was split by Germany. one half ruled by Germany the other by the Vichy government.

The author has went into detail about the feelings and the actions with regards to Dunkirk and also the French held territories in Africa and the middle east. It gives details of the French navy and its movements, the feelings by British commanders firing on French ships and also attacks on the French colonies themselves. It tells us who swore allegiance to the free French and also Vichy French and gives details of the relationship between Vichy and Germany.

This book is a highly interesting read, all be it alot of politics, it is a highly interesting read and one that would make us think what would have happened if the Germans had seized the Vichy navy.

BOOK: Traditional Enemies: Britain’s War With Vichy France 1940-42 by John D. Grainger

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