Chinese WWII Movie with Bruce Willis

Trailer of Chinese WWII Movie “Unbreakable Spirit” (2018) starring Bruce Willis

UPDATE: Movie has been canceled in China and will see a limited release in the US.

Unbreakable Spirit is Chinese war movie based on the infamous attacks on Chongqing during WWII, which included a total of 268 air raids from 1938 to 1943.

Bruce Willis stars as a USAAC advisor, named Jack Johnson, who trains the Chinese people under harrowing conditions to battle against the Japanese and leads his own aviation squadron against the trained Japanese Air Force.

Unbreakable Spirit is directed by Xiao Feng, Mel Gibson joined as art director. Starring are Liu Ye, Bruce Willis, Song Seung-heon and William Chan, with special appearances by Nicholas Tse, Fan Bingbing and many others

This movie was / is also known as “The Bombing” and “Air Strike” (Liongate will likely release it in the US under this name). To be released: October 26th, 2018 (world-wide release).

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7 thoughts on “Trailer of Chinese WWII Movie “Unbreakable Spirit” (2018) starring Bruce Willis”

  1. Saw this movie . It wasn’t released!. It escaped! How Bruce could associate himself with this disaster is beyond me!.OH did I say large paycheck from the Chinese Govt! .He was sleepwalking thru the whole movie. From Die Hard to this???

  2. This film looks absolutely dreadful. The CGI looks like it was rendered a decade ago. It almost looks like a video game or cartoon.

  3. Bruce Willis’ character would be portraying a US Army advisor in the USAAC or USAAF (changed in ’41) … Not “USAF Commander”which was “born” as a separate service in ’47.

    1. Looks like the Chinese pilots are flying Russian I-16’s. The P-40 first flew in 1938, but didn’t arrive in China until Chennault brought them for his AVG units in 1941

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