TRAILER: Estonian World War 2 Movie “1944”

A new Estonian WWII Movie called “1944” tells the story about the battles in Estonia during the Second World War.

“Unlike most other countries, where single nationality was fighting for one side or faction, Estonian men had to choose between two Nations (fight for Germany or fight for Soviet-Union) in hopes for future re-independence or at least autonomy for their homeland. This specific war was the darkest time, as Estonian soldiers fought against fought each other. They hoped for the best solution, but they weren’t really ready for the worst, because neither the Germany or the Soviet-Union would never let them have their independence or any mayor freedom again.”

Europeans find “Brüder – Feinde” here (on Amazon (DE)). For U.S. Citizens, you can now buy it on Amazon (US) (called “1944 – Forced to Fight”), Amazon (Canada) and U.K find it here: Amazon (UK).

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