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TRAILER: Soldado Milhões (2018) – True Story of Anibal Milhais

Soldado Milhões (Soldiers Million) tells the incredible story of Portugal’s most decorated soldier of World War I, Anibal Milhais. He is also still the only Portuguese soldier who has been awarded the highest national honour, the Military Order of the Tower and of the Sword, of Valour, Loyalty and Merit.

The movie is based on the biography of Anibal Milhais, who distinguished himself during The Battle of La Lys on the Western Front in April of 1918.

During “Operation Georgette”, when the German Army attacked his division, Milhais stand up with his Lewis machine gun and defeated, almost single handed, two german assaults. Finally, the Germans decided to go around and Milhais found it self alone in the rear of the enemy lines where he stood for three days almost without eating or drinking.

In the third day, Milhais, still carrying his Lewis, rescued a Scottish major from a swamp and the two could reach Allied lines. Milhais was warmly welcomed but didn’t tell anything about his adventures and was only thanks to the officer he helped and reported the story to the British HQ and several other testimonies that his deeds become know.

A few months later, Milhais hold again the Germans, standing alone with his Lewis and allowing a Belgium unit to retreat safelly to a secondary trench without casualties. Both the British observers present in the scene and the Belgium commander included his action in they reports and Milhais was awarded with orders from both countries and with the French Legion d´Honneur before 15.000 allied soldiers. [ – Source: HAT ]

Currently Soldado Milhões has only been released in Portugal in April of this year. Currently there is no international release known.

Synopsis: Portuguese soldier, who got stranded from his team during the La Lys battle, struggles by himself through dozens of German offensives so he can guarantee the safety of his companions.

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